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  • .......why is he missing his shins?
  • Its going to be okay, calm down and chug a PVK 1 did not suffer from what you assume will happen. PVK had different "colors" for the teams but the models were distinquishable enough that you can easily tell who is who and which team was which.
  • My laptop just ran and hid under the bed just looking at the intricacies of that model.
  • My laptop trembles at what that face would do to my FPS.
  • Why not give him chainlink legs to match the arms? And perhaps an ankle knife to spice up that lower area.
  • What about your video drivers? Are they up to date and the most recent you can get?
  • Its cool, I am still calming down from two weeks of the hardest midterms I have ever had. Seems lately whenever I post something that isn't supposed to be taken 100% seriously, people get upset with me. See you in battle
  • Props on the map, looks good but haven't had a chance to play it yet. You should do a larger version for more people with Stonehenge as the circle design. I bet you could make it look just as sweet as this map.
  • Such anger in you...I wasn't trying to make you look foolish at all, but nice run-on sentence at the end. [Note: Now I am calling you a fool]
  • QUOTE (|GR|Andyp @ Mar 21 2007, 02:46 PM) » Yknow its funny but ive always wondered about the viking zerker not temporarily having the throwing axes in the same way the knight temporarily gets the crossbow, but maybe that would have delayed the bet…
  • QUOTE (Doom Knight #2 @ Mar 18 2007, 10:33 PM) » What's wrong with Celtic... it's PVK. ROCK ON SCOTTY! Nothing wrong with Celtic...I love Celtic designs and lore. I just thought a more Viking specific emblem would be appropriate.
  • I didn't actually say for it to be deleted, I merely supported the notion with my own conclusions. Please don't consider me as some rude guy, I actually take pride in being very friendly. As to not understanding how much work it takes to do modeli…
    in Shield Comment by Macbeth March 2007
  • Love the new skin. Although, quick question: Isn't that a Celtic design on the blade, called like the Endless Knot or something?
  • You know, I would offer my advice but you made a senseless attack. I mean, what did you expect us to think if those are your only posts with the facts I listed above. I mean, how can you possibly attack my conclusions if you post something like tha…
    in Shield Comment by Macbeth March 2007
  • QUOTE (StickFigs @ Mar 10 2007, 02:23 PM) » I know you can see user's IP addresses so don't go suggesting that I registered another account. Besides, doing that would only make matters worst. Friend's house or library if you were desperate enoug…
  • QUOTE (StickFigs @ Mar 9 2007, 02:51 PM) » Even if you do have a screenshot that doesn't mean that I actually saw what you said, and I probably ignored it because it looked like a normal chat message rather than an admin message so it didn't stand …
  • I think its cleverly hidden spam: 1. These are his only posts 2. Look at the main webpage of the link he gave us, its for some foreign chick 3. The so called "model" looks pretty fake, like something you would Google Image for
    in Shield Comment by Macbeth March 2007
  • How about a couple trap doors (leads to spikes or lions) on the main fighting area with controls up in a balcony? Or just a couple pits that open on their own and require the person to climb out or get shot like a fish in a barrel.
  • Any chance you could add a vote system to add bots? For say when I am the only one in the server but want to tell bots to stop asking where I live or a have a bot asking me when PVKII is coming out. Seems the current bot system in place is kind of …