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  • You'll need to get Half-Life again, downloading only PVK won't work as it needs the engine to run on.
  • Now that I think about it, it could be kind of like a king of the hill game. All three bases are apart from the pit and have to follow seperate paths there (maybe with hidden connections to eachother's paths), but the knights defending the relic hav…
  • All right, I'm pretty sure I've found the problem, and it sucks. I looked at my error log, and it told me that people weren't just dropped, they overflowed. Started testing my cable upspeed and reading up, and I really don't have the bandwidth to su…
  • I love all the teams, no way am I ever taking one out. Haha, maybe I'll make the excavation pit filled with blocks of breakable dirt at first. People would have to dig down to get to the relic, and once the bottom is reached that's where all the kni…
  • Negative, .blob removal didn't help.
  • I pinged google and had perfect speed, so no go there. It's something about my steam, I </3 this but I guess I'll reinstall sometime. I've probably tried it before, but hey, it might work.
  • Hehe, I had my favorite map (island) in mind when I made it, just a circular smash where each team can get to each base. I just love maps that give small advantages to people who know it well.
  • Mmm, the knights could be guarding a big shiny relic in an excavation site, the pirates could come from the beach and the vikings from the forest behind.
  • Thanks for all the help, I'm waiting for it to happen again so I can check things out. I have no knowledge of any network concepts past what I directly use for my servers, so I wouldn't know about the browser/proxy stuff. you, I'll wait and see how…
  • Hehe, I switched from DSL to Cable, completely new router and everything. I'm not positive how long it lasts, but it was around an hour last time I believe. And while it happens, my browser and everything else that connects to the internet run at no…
  • I'm hosting dedicated through Steam HLDS on the same computer I play on, nothing crashed, I remained in my server and in the console it said everyone overflowed. As soon as I checked the other servers their pings were being silly and I couldn't join…
  • Haha, yeah, I return now that I can play PVK again. If there was a PVKII_Marctastic, it would look ridiculous compared to other PVKII maps, my mapping skills would really start to show when compared to others. I hope to have some more ridiculous P…
  • Yep, California, sorry Euro-buddies . My computer crashed last night, so I guess the server's been down, but I don't know how that happened. It should be up near 24/7 unless it just idles all the time. I'm running it old-school Marc's Funhouse style…
  • Yeah, just got done with a few hours of it. Switched over to cable for my internets, so I plan on doing some bashing on PVK again.
  • I haven't been playing the last few days (nor have had the server up), but I've been playing a good deal of PVK recently. I'm fairly content with how many people we have playing, and this is alot of servers compared to my first days in PVK.