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    November 2018
    • Jumbo
      Hello my dear developers, I am a new guy here who plays PVKII a long time and not very good playing, I love playing this funny game, until today I put my email to say about the game. please put more balancing on the characters, I'm still waiting for the nerfs, example the Knights and much stronger, especially the Heavy Knight deals more damage, his special is ridiculous strong nobody survives and every good player who plays the game, plays more with him more with it, it seems that his speed has been increased, I do not know. I have pro-future ideas for the game, will first really put women in the game? I'm not macho, I have no problem, but because the game is violent now, I do not think it's good for a woman having her neck cut off after she died or being blown up, my ideas.
      Man-at-Arms: 110 HP, a little more damage, decreased the distance of the halberd, ammunition of the weapon to 5, increased special to help the team and fix their legs on a mistake to cross the armor.

      Heavy Knight: Armor only 200, damage decreased as a normal weapon, attack speed slightly increased and HP 130 or 135.

      Archer: Bow and Arrow damage reduced to 26 and Damage to Special 110

      Berseker: HP 145 or 150 only, speed of attack of the secondary weapons decreased and special: do not increase more HP or decrease when finished, put a resistance when using the special, continues with more damage and more speeds of the special.
      Gestir: Increased lance damage, spear ammo 5 or 4.
      Bondi: Damage 24 or continues with 22, secondary weapon ammunition 5 or 4 too, armor 80 also and the special spears and faster resistance.
      Captain: Distance of the sword a little increased and size a little diminished, accuracy of the weapon increased and ammo 6, faster released parrot and attack, damage of special 52 and size of increased exploit radius
      Skirmusher: Speed ​​put 1% more, accuracy of pistol a little more increased, damage of explosive barrel decreased, radius of exploding slightly increased and loading a little bit increased
      Sharpshooter: 25 pistol ammunition, bit more loading speed of the two weapons, the radius of the special a little increased as well.
      Funny thing I found the 3 teams would have> Pirates more speed, Knights more armor, Vikings more HP

      you may not want to accept my ideas from my opinion but please put balancing and take out of the game counterattack
    • Jumbo
      And when will put Cosmetics and misc from the game? Need to pay?
    • Jumbo
      Skins too?
    • Jumbo
      Sorry, i forget to talk about Huscarl: The little axes munnition increased to 8 and more faster...
    • Jumbo
      Just one more, this is my last comment, Captain: Attack speed increased
    • Jumbo
      Oops, you guys will add a nother team for PVKII on future? a Asian team, i think of ninjas. Just my opinion
    • Jumbo
      Oops, you guys will add on future of PVKII? An Asian team, i think of Ninjas