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El Negro · Overlord of PVKII


El Negro
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Overlord of PVKII


  • LTS is merely DM...Where you have to wait a long time for everybody to die. Surprised "don't have enough time to play" people really feckin' love it.
  • Finlord wrote: I don't. DM feels so pointless. Says the guy who plays LTS ' />
  • This is gonna be reality in 4.0
  • sell meat buy human meat buy human in africa human buy woman-for-eating in africa Russian Pussy America
  • Informative> Fancy > Basic The HUD in Hard Reset is probably my most favourite of all, it adds to the screen, it's not incredibly annoying and at times it can feel "minimal" in a way. I had a plan to make a real fancy HUD for PVKII, it c…
  • Colonel wrote: Are clean and minimal huds still trending ya feel? They will forever. If your idea is to make another HUD option where it's "minimal", it's a great idea. Minimal is loved by compieboys, casuals, hardcoreists and even…
  • Looks to me that there's a lot of overlapping HUD features, like the timer and the voice HUD, as well as the hints and weapons menu. I'm more concerned about the voice HUD myself and how it looks like with the other HUD options. Everything els…
  • Combine™ wrote: A "PVKII Is Dead" Gravestone Easter Egg for lts_gravedanger to embrace our lovely positive fanbase. With a 1% chance of a skeleton getting off his grave and showing a middle-finger.
  • Okay, I have finally updated Diverse Characters with the latest changes I have been doing. Changelog; - All Pirates (Skirmisher, Captain, Sharpshooter) have gotten new skins, them being even more diverse than before. - Berserker has gotten more…