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Vasumati · Kunoichi


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  • YYYOOO I DIDNT K OW THE BONDI USED ATLATL, THATS DOPE! Also nice knight chick, thats awesome! Good work all around
  • El Negro said: El Negro said: Is it me, or did I actually really wasted my time making this suggestion thread regarding Trinket Wars? You did waste your time, dumbass! Naw, its good suggesstions for the most part. I rea…
  • I agree with your points, however; (Spoiler) just enjoy the mayhem
  • w00t! One developer on board!! How do the rest of ya'll feel about it??
  • Aahh crap.. one last though. (I'm on a roll!) Maybe make it so, while are doing the lawn-mow during special; the backwards attack does not function. I remeber it being annoying before, trying to dodge an attack and having your break to pull back t…
  • Hmm.. i just though of another alternative as well. Perhaps, you also could swap the overhead attack to function as a single strike as well; but instead, when you use your special and go into rage, all the attacks revert to how it was before. As in,…
  • No the binding was fine, i checked it.  left click worked on everythig else. Like trying to mute a player or browsing servers. After i compltely restarted to client it worked again.