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    Nice to see ye're on it, I don't have to say "have fun on the model" because I know you are, or gonna.

    I like the "velvet" design on her torso, although I may question the practicality of it.
    The colour of her shirt, I just wonder if you're planning of making it look as "glossy/pearlescent" as on the concept, because that would be a bad idea, after all she's an assassin, should be stealthy.
    Glad you kept the "red-haired damsel" design on her, I would like it if she had green eyes, just so we can further up the stereotype of redheaded women.
    (I really love red-head girls!)

    Other than that, I'd say there should be no worries about the final look of the texture, since I'm gonna be working on the finals about it.
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  • First of all, I'm loving the new concept art! She looks less like a beggar than the other model did, and far more like an actual assassin.

    Colonel wrote:

    Ye was wondering about the pistol if it should be on her arm for ease of use? Wouldn't be exactly like how it was - abit more dishonoured esq

    To be honest, I don't like the idea of giving her a crossbow/bracer thingy. It seems too much like a fantasy weapon to me. PVKII's wacky, sure, but I always liked that element of historical accuracy it has. Granted, from a quick Google search I found out that crossbow pistols were invented long after the Middle Ages, and were mostly used for recreational shooting, but at least they seem more like something that actually existed.

    But I do think it should be slightly smaller than it is in the concept art. Just small enough to not give any first-time players the idea that they can run around sniping people. (Funny to watch if you're on the enemy team, not so funny when they're on yours)
  • El NegroEl Negro Overlord of PVKII
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    She could actually use a pistol like the Skirmisher and Sharpshooter does, but designed for a knight and not as inaccurate and common as the Skirmisher's, and not as fancy as the Sharpshooter's.
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  • While pistols were actually considered 'knightly' weapons for some time after they were invented, I'm not too sure how a pistol would feel on the Knight team, and in the hands of a stealth class, no less.
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    Godamn, nice work
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    Throwing daggers, anyone?

    Great work as always, Corvalho.
  • No joke, she actually reminds me A LOT of a old science teacher I had back in school.
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    ɉ◎ℕ wrote:

    No joke, she actually reminds me A LOT of a old science teacher I had back in school.

    Now she can kill your arse for being a bad student!
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    Hey folks, it's been a while hasn't it? I got some new stuff you might want to check out, and possibly give me some feedback on?

    The Bucaneer:


    There's also that neat 3D viewer in the Artstion page I can't embed here, so if you wanna check it out as well:


    I also drew a concept for his shield as I was requested to. I'm not happy with how it turned out, pirates and shileds just look like a massive mismatch to me. Anyway, it's open for discussion I guess:

  • SpirrwellSpirrwell That Guy That Knows Things About a Lot of Things
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    Wow he's really looking good. As per the shield, I would think if we were going to make one of his weapons be fist\shield that his shield would be a fair amount smaller than that, as it does seem a bit mis-matched. It does look really big relative to his size.

    The model itself though, definitely badass.



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  • ColonelColonel Finger Lickin' Good
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    Gawd Dayaaum! Always surprising us as Corvalho gets even better!

    Curious how would he look with the alternatively proposed shield gauntlets, on one or two arms.

    That's one badass motha who dun take no crap from no-one!

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  • That is one intimidating man! Good job, Corvalho!

    As for the shield, I personally like that design, although I do understand why you feel that way. When you think of pirates, hiding behind a shield isn't really the first thing that comes to mind. I don't really feel like it should be smaller though, because the way it is right now actually looks like something he ripped off the hull of an old rowboat with his bare hands to use as partial cover.
  • AGSMAAGSMA The Antichrist has Resurrected
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    I LOOOOOOOOOVE the shield. The details almost makes it look like an actual coat of arms. Fantastic work so far, Corvo.


  • Pache94Pache94 Donald Thumb
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    Corvalho I love the amount of detail and style you are giving this character. Really cant wait to see this guy in motion. :D

    As for feedback maybe change the color of his pants so his cloth/apron can stick out more.
    Here are some recolors I made next to the original for comparison.

    Personally for me I think the red would look nice as it gives more team color and could be a pair of pants the pirates had when stealing/attacking a French ship.
  • PopemasterPopemaster Captain of the Seven Seas
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    Badass! The shield is great, but I don't think he would use a shield. He looks like the type of guy who wouldn't even flinch if you were pointing a gun at him. He's not afraid of dying! He would tell you to pull the trigger face to face. I see him with a big ass meat cleaver and the hook that has been talked about before. I can see that about him, he wants to be in your face, up close and personal with this enemy.

    I think he looks great, as Pache said, I think adding color would be nice. I wouldn't go as far as changing the pants but have the fabric around his arms and belt the same color as his necklace, for contrast. Great work!
  • El NegroEl Negro Overlord of PVKII
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    Didn't think about the colour, red pants sure would look great on him, just not sure if they should be that light and saturated.

    Regarding the shield, I already stated my opinion to Corvalho.
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    So much yes in this journal thread; I especially love the tattoos!

    The current color scheme is alright (not sure why, but the red-and-tan makes me think of the Star Wars Rebel color scheme), but I think it could use more contrast. Some more red and black perhaps, as people suggest?
    As for the pants, (just throwing ideas here), perhaps it could have a unique pattern, like a vertical black-and-red pinstripe?
    That way, we'd get two colors in one, and it can make the kick icon more distinctive, eh?
    Maybe throw in a patch/stain/stitch etc? I like the idea of the stripes being somewhat wide and few, as it looks less modern.
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    As seen on Discord, I've made some progress on the Assassin knight lady. She is not currently textured, these are just flat colors and polypaint I baked off Zbrush, The Color scheme is still up to discussion, if you have any criticism, I'd be happy to hear it. (The ears slight clipping through her hood thing was already fixed btw).


  • GazGaz Sir
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    F##KING Quality(!!!!!!) fine sir!
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    First time I see this thread. You are doing such a amazing job on all these characters!!! I am amazed
  • Great work !

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