favorite pvkii class quotes??

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whatt are your favorite quotes from the different classes in the game?

here are some of mine:

"YE BE A GIANT TOUCAN!" - Skirmisher to Heavy Knight

"And i thought wheat dress funny" - Captain to Vikings


  • AGSMAAGSMA The Antichrist has Resurrected
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    v_zerk-bighurt2.wav. Truly inspirational.


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    Those are not the correct quotes I believe. This is what they say: "YE BE A GIANT TIN CAN!" - and "And i thought we dress funny"
  • PopemasterPopemaster Captain of the Seven Seas
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    Everybody fears the captain! Everybody wants to give him money. Everybody fears the captain! Gimme sum doubloons.

    -Captain with chest
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    "Just poop on a tutu and youll be a great ballerina" - SS to Heavy Knight
    "Ill pop you like an english cork" - SS taunt
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    Hohhohohohoo - Gestir laughing

    "We all think we’re generous
    But we only fool ourselves
    The only thing that matters is
    Our way and our vision"

    Consign the oblivion
  • MomoMomo Land Lubber!
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    "Child, you hold the veapon completely wrong!"
  • AGSMAAGSMA The Antichrist has Resurrected
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    "Here lies Sir Dies-a-Lot!"


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    "Attack the Stupid Pirates"
    :ss: :captain: :parrot: :archer:
    Archer should have been a pirate.
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