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MomoMomo Land Lubber!
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After accidentally deleting my second map... again... i decided to follow El Negros advice and just make a completely new one.
But i have a few small problems. First, whats wrong with mah water?
Second, why do my props disappear?


  • AGSMAAGSMA The Antichrist has Resurrected
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    Water only works if you place a Nodraw brush under a hole, click in the top face and select a water texture.
    I'm afraid I don't understand what I need to see in the Gyazo screenshots.


  • MomoMomo Land Lubber!
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    These are pictures of some props in the editor itself. When i compile and run the map, i don't see them. I checked if they are the correct type (prop_dynamic, prop_static and so on), but it still doesn't work.
  • MomoMomo Land Lubber!
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    I made the textures into NODRAW and even changed the water texture itself, but nothing worked. Is it a problem that the "container" for the water is made using the carve tool?
  • FelisFelis Glitch Kitty
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    Momo wrote:

    I made the textures into NODRAW and even changed the water texture itself, but nothing worked. Is it a problem that the "container" for the water is made using the carve tool?


    Also, do not Carve.
  • MomoMomo Land Lubber!
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    I learned not to carve the hard way, one time i accidentally carved something and the whole program started lagging horribly.
    I removed the skybox i had completely, and that fixed the water bug, though i do not know why. Can somebody explain?
    As for the props, i think the problem is it doesn't find the models for them.
  • FelisFelis Glitch Kitty
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    Error! prop_static using model "models/props_debris/wood_board06a.mdl", which must be used on a dynamic entity (i.e. prop_physics). Deleted.

    VBSP reports this for several other "debris" props, but didn't find anything about the boat props you added. Those should work fine as both static and dynamic so I'm not sure what's wrong.

    If you want, you can PM me the .vmf or .bsp so I could take a better look.
  • MomoMomo Land Lubber!
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    After a little testing i found a solution. Instead of using prop_static, as it clearly says in the model info, i used prop_dynamic_override, normal prop_dynamic doesn't work. Also, i still don't know what was wrong with my skybox.
  • SpirrwellSpirrwell That Guy That Knows Things About a Lot of Things
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    I'm a bit late here, but if the water itself was functioning properly, as in you could go in it and swim in it, you're probably experiencing what's known as a leak. Basically, your entire map needs to be completely sealed. There can be absolutely NO gaps or openings into the black void you would see in Hammer.

    Even if it's literally a one unit hole into the void, your water WILL NOT render properly. A good way to find out where these holes\leaks are is to load what's called a pointfile. It will automatically be generated when you compile your map if it has a leak in it. Once you've compiled your map and found your water isn't rendering properly, go to Map->Load Pointfile as shown here:


    It should ask you if you want to load the default pointfile, click yes.

    If your map has a leak it will have a red line that maybe looks like it's going all over the place, but just follow where it goes. It will go from some entity to the first hole in your map.

    To illustrate, I deliberately create a hole in this map:


    It's very big and obvious, and you can easily tell where the red line is going to. That's where the hole in the map is. Sometimes holes are smaller and in very specific places you didn't notice so it can be a bit tricky, but that's likely what's causing your water issue.



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  • MomoMomo Land Lubber!
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    I got it all fixed. Leaks are a thing of the past.
    I released my first map a few months ago and Niggarto helped me test it on his server. Now, after the break from mapping I took, I've once again started working with Hammer day and night. The second version of my map is hopefully going to be released soon.
    Also geez, those pictures I originally posted look worse than I remembered... I believe I've improved a lot since then.
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