Results for the 23-10-2016 "Public Test"

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I'm referring to this; http://steamcommunit...430381692202279

I did a public test to find out if that "material crash bug" was truly an issue or it was highly individual hence it could be a problem with their own Development build.

Three .VPK files were used, more than 30 maps were played at a span of 6 minutes (some were indeed repeated).
All the textures I did for PVKII, latest 18-10-2016 were tested.
There were at least 12 people active.

According to the results;
- Nobody crashed. Not even three of the development team.
- The new "Archer's Crossbow", which was apparently highly disliked by the development team, was highly loved by the Public. Same goes to the Bow.
- Differences between "mat_advancedshaders 1" and "mat_advancedshaders 0" were not noticed by the public testers. May need further testing.
- Compliments regarding Huscarl's Two-Handed axe and Heavy Knight's armour
- Captain's new Cutlass was deemed too dark (black). Will be lightened and improved in 3.5
- (NOTE: I am unaware of this, regarding devs not noticing it) Despite developers and Beta Testers not noticing the new crosshairs, the public did and loved the new smooth circle.

With all this in mind, I think adding my textures to the 3.5 update will not be a problem at all.

EDIT: I only made that poll as an optional feature.
Seriously, I don't trust polls at all anymore. I got more than 6 people saying they love the new Crossbow, I think that's enough already for such a low player base. They're not even necessarily my friends if you want to go about the "Friend Bias".

EDIT: Refer to this thread for pictures http://forums.pvkii....showtopic=15575

EDIT: The poll was causing more "external drama" than anything else, wasn't worth it.
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