Worthy for voice acting?

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So, lads and lasses,
first of all before I begin my question I would like to say:
Avast there! I be new to this website, but not new to the game
I have spend time in that game and I have no regrets (mostly on the pirate side)

So now we got that out of the way, I now want to say about what is listed above

I would love to give voice acting a shot, If I am worthy for this.
Sadly, I don't have any experience with this and I know that I could be rejected..........
But some of my friends (in RL and on steam) tell me I am pretty good at accents and such and tell me I needed to give this a shot

So, if you are interested you can message me on steam and we can start a voice chat

Regardless what you think I thank you for reading this.


  • El NegroEl Negro The Genuinely Only Sane Person Guests
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    Sorry, the team only accepts those that have some experience and good samples.
    It's a "Quality Assurance" thing.

    If you still want to provide voices, you can make a "voicepack" mod for a class, announcer or other.
    I have sound editing skills so we can try to work together.
    I make mods.
    Your soul cannot be saved.
    Like my mods and think I deserve something? It's always money, you can pay me up on PayPal using this e-mail; TheSandhog@outlook.com
    Or just use this link; https://www.paypal.me/TheSandhog

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    Yeah, I think I can find an alternative in that
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  • ColonelColonel Finger Lickin' Good PVKII Team
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    Ahoy Captain Krossix!

    Note, all applications must follow these guidelines:


    Please message us for these kind of dialogue.

    Feel free to get to know voice actors/actress such as our very own and practice. Just about anyone can do funny impressions or voices, but you'll need to learn the art of voice acting.

    Feel free to apply again once you feel you are ready, and have a thumbs up from other professional voice actors.

    If you'd like I can move this thread to General Discussion for further discussion and pointers from other voice actors. If not, I will lock this thread.


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  • Combine™Combine™ Beta Tester, Authorized Creator
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    I would love it if you gave it a shot, since even someone with little to no experience can do a really excellent voice. So i recommend recording some voices which you'd like to submit/show off your work then once you're ready you should use it for your application, cause even if you get turned down atleast you're able to have some feedback or know some people which can help you out a little more. So as long as you share what you have no matter how bad it is then you'll do good in the end as you'll get feedback which will help you improve, getting to know the PVKII VA's and sharing your work to them is also a really great idea as Kern said and i've done that before so i really recommend you do that aswell as they are very kind and helpful so they will lead you in the right direction!

    I hope this helps, wish you the best!
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    I'm actually thinking of setting of a YouTube channel and recordin and such
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