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Post your ideas here. This is a place for your ideas, so please don't post in art submission threads.

Credit will be given here for the suggestions that make it in game. Any art you include that meets criteria may be included in game and you may be given credit as a contributor.

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    Plug the hole(or Close the gap, Stab the cheese)
    - Kill a MAA from behind with your special while he is doing his. (This one is for the gestir, i posted this 5 months ago still think its a great idea)

    Armor Up!
    - Pick up 10 armor buffs in one life.

    Chicken Shredder
    - Eat 10 chickens buffs in one life.

    Undying! (Would be better for the gestir since he is like really old.)
    - Stay alive for more than 5 min while on low health.

    Thats all :D.
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    Hm, sure, I'll give it a try!

    Hands off my Chest/Booty! (Both sound equally dirty)
    Kill an Enemy with a Kick while carrying a Chest (either by kicking them into a hazard or with the kick itself) – Title: The Safe Keeper

    Unstoppable Force
    Break 50 Shields (alternatively; kill 50 Enemies while they are Blocking) – Title: The Unstoppable Force/ The Wall Breaker

    That was Easy-Peasy!
    Win a Round on a Booty Map while another Team has 5 Tickets or less – Title: The Bullet Sweater

    Cooking with Odin!
    Kill an Enemy by having him Die by a Fire Pit – Title: The Fryer

    Caribbean Space Program
    Kill an Enemy with Fall Damage while having hit him prior with an Explosive. - Title: The Space Man

    I Fancy that!
    Kill 25 Enemies with the Fancy Dagger - Title: The Fancy Lad

    Bringer of Famine
    Pick up a Chicken before an weakened Enemy can and kill them - Title: The Gluttonous

    Faster than his Shadow!
    Kill an Enemy with the Artisan Pistol immediately after having hit them with the Rifle - Title: The Lucky Luke

    Premature Detonation
    Kill 2 Enemies with a Keg by shooting it with the Flintlock - Title: The Impatient

    Poking Fish in a Barrel
    As a Gestir, kill 10 Heavy Knights during their Special with your Spear - Title: The Fisher

    Miscalculation - Secret achievement (well, not so secret anymore)
    Die a Fool (Die by receiving the lowest possible Fall Damage) - Title - the Knee Bruiser

    That's all for now. Maybe I got more later on.
    Edit: Added some more.
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    Duck N Roll
    Do a roll to dodge an incoming shot from the Sharpshooters Rifle.

    Not Today Satan!
    Win a round before Sudden Death occurs.

    kill 20 enemies that are reloading their weapon.

    Hunters Boot
    Kick 10 Parrots

    Molton Death-
    Kill an enemy while both of you are in lava.

    Dinner is served!
    In Temple, kill the trinket carrier using the Fire Trap.

    Lucky last!
    As the Archer, kill an enemy with your last crossbow bolt.

    Not so good at it, but it was worth a try.
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    Sorry for the wall of text, these are just some I had on my mind. Might add some later who knows, sorry if any of these have already been suggested and I haven't realized. Also sorry if some of the titles are already in the game XD

    Passing the torch
    As a Gestir, assist a Bondi who kills an enemy with his javelin by damaging them with your own javelin

    Receiving the torch
    As a Bondi, kill an enemy with your javelin and be assisted by a Gesir who damaged them with his own javelin

    Spanish Armada
    As an archer, kill two sharpshooters with a single flaming arrows special
    Title: The Drake

    Mutually assured destruction
    Kill an enemy and be killed by the same enemy simultaneously

    In the same life, survive a hit from a Captain's blunderbuss, a Skirmisher's flintlock, a Sharpshooter's rifle and a Sharpshooter's artisan flintlock
    Title: The Bulletproof

    By the skin of my teeth
    While pushing up the daisies, perfect parry an enemy then be killed straight after
    Title: The survivor

    Lars Anderson
    Using the Bondi's bow, hit 15 shots in a row without missing one or dying

    Simo Hayha
    As a sharpshooter, headshot every Viking class in one life
    Title: The White Death

    Roy Sullivan
    Be headshot (by any capable weapon) 7 times in one round

    William Tell
    As an Archer, hit a headshot with your crossbow then immediately reload and hit another headshot

    Elvis Presley
    As a Man at Arms, activate the fart special but die before it comes out
    Title: The king

    Close Shave
    Kill an enemy while on exactly 1HP

    Kill the enemy that killed you within 3 seconds of respawning
    Title: The Zombie

    Old fashioned way
    Kill 10 archers with your seax

    Not that way either
    As an archer, perfect parry a Bondi's seax

    Stay down!
    Kill an enemy, then kill them again within 12 seconds of them respawning
    Title: The unrelenting

    Taste of your own medicine
    Hit a farting Man at arms with a poison arrow

    Booty is booty
    In booty, while an enemy team has 15 or less tickets, grab a chest from the other enemy team's scoring zone and capture it
    Title: The bad sport

    72 Wenches
    As a Skirmisher, hold a powder keg until it explodes and kill at least 3 (maybe 2?) enemies
    Title: The martyr

    You'll pay for that!
    Kill the enemy that breaks your shield

    Just the tip
    As a skirmisher, kill an enemy using only the very end of your lunge special

    As a Gestir, kill a farting MaA with your spear
    Title: The stopper

    First man to jump the channel
    Jump into water 2100 times
    (The English channel is 1 miles long)

    Rice arrow
    Kill a parrot with a poison arrows

    Evidently a man's weapon
    As a Bondi, hit three different targets with your poison arrows and have the poison damage kill each one

    Secret Achievements

    Shut up!
    Get killed by a headshot while spamming voice commands
    Title: The silenced

    Block out the sun
    As an Archer, fire 50 arrows in one life
    Title: The sunset

    Animal magnetism
    Be attacked by three parrots at the same time

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark
    Fart next to the fruit stand at the viking's base on bt_island

    smh fam tbh
    Shake your head back and forth for 10 seconds

    Impressively incompetent
    Kill yourself using the gate on bt_island
    Title: The impressive

    Clearly I'm not hitting hard enough
    As a Beserker, be perfect parried 4 times while using your sword & axe combo without putting it away
    Title: The stubborn
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    Fatality/Finish Them - Win a round for your team by capturing a chest when counter is 5 or lower
    Title: The Finisher
    (Sound played after unlocked: mortal kombat "fatality"

    Calm down! (Hidden)- Get killed few seconds after activating your berserker special, without dealing any damage. Additional description after unlocking:
    "You need to control all these bad emotions"
    (Sound played:

    Oh My Garett! - On bt_island capture 3 chests in one life without taking nor inflicting any damage
    Title: The Thief/ The Shadow
    (Sound played: ovations, for example

    Definitely African Swallow! (Hidden)-as a knight land on the palm tree after explosion hits you
    Additional description: They are using coconuts!
    (Sound played: Monty Python coconuts noise)

    Fifty shades of Gestir - as Gestir kill a single enemy by using all of your weapons on him
    Title: The Fetishist
    (Sound played:

    Sigh! Im just beggining - Capture total ammount of 100 chests on bt_island
    Title: The Booty Maniac
    (Sound played: short cut from ABBA "Money Money Money")
    I`m really sorry for my bad English. I`m not a native speaker.
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    Did you just punch Cthulhu?!
    As Pirate Captain, make a God of Melee or Pincushion die by your fist. Must be fist only, no shotgun, no cutlass. Damage from other teammates are only valid if they're punches as well.
    (Parrot; Lovecraftian-styled Parrot, oh baby!) (Title; Hlirgh-nyth oc-Cthulhu) That means Heretic-Servant (of) Cthulhu.

    Beroxardas wrote:

    Oh My Garett! - On bt_island capture 3 chests in one life without taking nor inflicting any damage
    Title: The Thief/ The Shadow
    (Sound played: ovations, for example

    It's actually "Garrett" if the reference is the Thief series game.
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    Your soul cannot be saved.
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    El Negro wrote:

    It's actually "Garrett" if the reference is the Thief series game.

    I do, damn typos.
    I`m really sorry for my bad English. I`m not a native speaker.
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    I will keep adding to this list.

    Watch Me Right Hook!
    Kill 100 enemies with the punch
    Title: The Boxer

    You've Got Mail
    Kill 100 enemies with the Fancy Dagger
    Title: The Mailman

    Kill 300 Archers with the artisan pistol
    Title: The Best In The West

    The Birds (Hitchcock reference)
    Be attacked by 3 or more parrots at once
    Title: The Scarecrow

    Ooooo Shiny!
    Kill a parrot with a chest
    Title: The Bird Watcher

    First Thanksgiving
    Eat 1000 turkeys
    Title: The Fat

    Assisted Living
    Assist a Gestir in getting 250 kills
    Title: The Diaper Changer

    Me, Myself, & Aye (hidden)
    Use the "Yes" voice command 1000 times
    Title: The Yes Man
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    (I'll keep adding to this list, look out for edits)
    Achievement Suggestions:
    Bondi Related (I know he's far off, but if anyone's interested):
    Two Types of Pain (Changed the title)
    As a Bondi, dominate a Sharpshooter and an Archer in a single life
    Title: The Yeoman
    OR: As a ranged class, dominate the other 2 enemy ranged classes in a single life

    Barn Burner
    As an Archer, kill 2 (or 3?) Bondi with a single flaming arrow special
    Title: The Fire Hazard

    Caution: Beware of Dog
    As a Berseker, kill 10 enemies that harmed a Bondi (that cried for help?)
    Title: The Guard Dog
    OR (All Teams): Kill 10 enemies that harmed a teammate calling for help

    Kill 10 mid-air enemies with your bow or javelins
    Title: The Harpooner
    OR: Use your javelins to kill 5 swimming enemies

    No You Stop It (Archer/Bondi; Changed the title in honorary reference to this: )
    Kill each other with your longbows

    One-Legged Butt-Kicker
    As a Berseker, kill 5 enemies with a raged kick (not in a single life/special)

    Mad M-Axe! (This requires teammates; Could add Jarl to this if he gets throwing axes)
    Kill an enemy with every axe weapon only

    Triple Crosser (Will probably wait for Assassin if he gets xbow pistol)
    Kill an enemy with every crossbow weapon only
    Title: The Triple Crosser
    “Suppose, in their altruistic passion for justice and order, they had determined to reform the world, but had not realized that they were destroying the soul of man?”
    - Arthur Clarke, Childhood's End
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    "The (wo)Manhunter"
    As Sharpshooter, shoot your rifle at an archer, then shoot him with your pistol and finally stab him with your dagger. Must be done in that order, but can be finished off with any weapon afterwards.
    (Parrot; A shade of red, orange and yellow) (Title; The Fell-Hunter)

    "Fernando Martinez"
    As Sharpshooter, thank every enemy that hurts you. (Also, be extra nice to the ladies!) This should be similar to the MAA's taunt-everyone achievement.
    (Parrot; Sexy-ass pink!) (Title; The Ladies Man)

    "The Longest Fight/The Spongeman of Little Theo Scraffy Town"
    Fighting a Heavy Knight while he's blocking or with a shield, health matters here mind you, kill him with the last blow being from a blow. Health must be at medium, armour doesn't even matter, you may be lucky enough to find a HK that has 125 HP and he keeps blocking, at least 3 times and gets hit, with his shield or sword.
    (Parrot; A shiny steel perhaps) (Title; The Unstoppable)

    "Bullet Sponge"
    Get shot by pistols 10 times, either Sharpshooter's or Skirmisher's. MUST GET HURT, being protected by shields won't do. It has to be done in one life and you can get healed/armoured up if needed. Can be any class, but I bet everyone will go HK with it ;).

    If 10 is not enough, then let's go with 20. Surely 20 pistol shots will kill a HK.
    (Parrot; Black Powder, baby!) (Title; The Bulletsponge...If you want something more original as I do, Count/Countess of Darlington)

    "The Determinator"
    (This one has MANY alternatives, I intend to make this achievement be hard and interesting)
    On a losing Booty streak, don't stop. On the last round, keep being on the "losing team" and try to get the booty, after that, make sure you win.
    During Booty and all the points are divided by 3 (if we got 180 points and they're now at 60), make sure you and your team are the one who win this even match.
    (Parrot; A beautiful shade of colours related to "Hope", "Determination" and/or "Dedication") (Title; The Determinator)

    I already recommended this but I'll put it in anyway;

    Did you just punch Cthulhu?!
    As Pirate Captain, make a God of Melee or Pincushion die by your fist. Must be fist only, no shotgun, no cutlass. Damage from other teammates are only valid if they're punches as well.
    (Parrot; Lovecraftian-styled Parrot, oh baby!) (Title; Hlirgh Cthulhu-nyth) That means Heretic-Servant (of) Cthulhu.
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    Your soul cannot be saved.
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    1. Capitan - Quiet!: Kill an engraged Berserker with your fist (Title - The iron hand)

    2. MAA - Mace in yer face!: Kill 500 enemies with your mace (Title - the Butcher)

    3. Skirmisher - The fastest hand in the sea: kill 2 enemies with your pistol within 10 seconds

    4. Sharpshooter - British Space Program: make the enemy HK fly on N meters with your special (Title - the astronaut)

    5. Skirmisher - an Hero: Blow your keg up with your cutlass and die without killing anyone (only damaging) (secret) (Title - the Hero)

    6. Archer, Cara - Nomad: kill 15 enemies with your bow on a horse

    7. SS, Cara - Conquistador: kill 15 enemis with your rifle on a horse
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    1. Dark Messiah - Kill 100 enemy in the Temple traps.
    2. The Traveler Frog - Play on all PVKII maps and win 5 rounds.
    3. Kannonball - Kill enemies by the Boulder on Temple.
    4. Counter-Strike - Revenge for the murder of your teammate fallen from enemy special attack.
    5. Day of Defeat - Lose 100 rounds.
    6. Portal - Use the secret at Island.
    7. Team Fortress - Win 1000 rounds on Island playing in the Knights team.
    8. Deathmatch is not for DINAH - Win 100 matches at dm_fort.
    9. Is that not for YOU! - Kill 1000 enemy with the your team Flag.
    10. Objective GOD - win 5 rounds on any Objective map.
    11. I see it. - Play on HG map. (only for old players. or make it received when you play at the HG type map)
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    Achievement name: things take time/it takes time.
    title: the veteran
    have a thousand hours or more.

    - I hope you could make this work for people who already have over 1000 hours
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