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Hi folks, I'm one of the sound designers and voice actors on the Octoshark Team. I'd like to share some of my work with you, starting with this behind-the-scenes take on some bow sound design.



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    Tasteful ingenuity, sir. Does this mean the Archer is getting a newer new bow sound?
  • @ Bandwagonman or the bondi.

    Would love to see how you create more sounds :D !!!
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    Thanks, everyone. The plan was to make these for the Bondi.

    I've been juggling a few projects lately, so I haven't had time to make a more in-depth video of my progress. I have been bringing the camera with me during my recording experiments and will be posting more short-snippet type videos.

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    Here's another video, featuring some examples of player foley and something I've been messing with for a suspension bridge or ship rigging.

  • I wanted to make a comment for a while now on your long bow video. Please do not take this as mean spirited, but you are taking that sound completely in the wrong direction. The only sound made when shooting a long bow, considering the Knights aren't a bunch of penniless godless heathens, is the arrow sliding against the bow. There should be no sound on the linen string on pull back or sound from stress on the wood. This video may help you. Keep up the effort!

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    Thanks, for the feedback, Mango. I've actually looked up a number of different bows in my research. Having a completely 100% historically accurate sound in this case wouldn't give the players much feedback, so I think we're going to stick with the more Hollywood style. I'm not crazy about some of the sound tropes out there like sword shwings or gun rattles, but I think in this case, a creaky Viking bow helps with gameplay as an audio cue.
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