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Hello, this is my first post! biggrin.gif

I used to play PVK alot, on my old computer, but I do not know if it will work on Half Life Source. So my question is this: will it work if I do not have the original Half Life installed or will I need to try to dig my old Half Life One discs out of the mound of dust in my room?

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  • BladeBlade PVKII Team
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    I dont think it will.
    But of course you can try, it wont hurt. smile.gif
  • MarcoroniMarcoroni Senior
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    You'll need to get Half-Life again, downloading only PVK won't work as it needs the engine to run on.
  • DecipherDecipher Senior
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    At the very least find your CD-keys. You can just register them with steam and be able to d/l the most up to date version of HL.
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