[RELEASED] Gore and Glory General Update (Beta

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PVKII Beta Update Release Notes

Hello everyone!

This is a general update that features gore updates, balance changes, and other general fixes/updates.

Server owners, please update your servers!

Important Highlights:
  • Bondi flatbow damage increased to 58 from 55
  • Flatbow charge time reduced, and arrow drop reduced.
  • Flatbow special now has an additional arrow
  • Flatbow special damage per arrow reduced to 65 from 75
  • Flatbow special now does stacking combo damage per consecutive arrow
  • Bondi seax total damage upped to 46 from 45
  • Bondi seax forward swing damage multiplier reduced to 1.0 from 1.2
  • Bondi seax back swing damage multiplier reduced to 1.1 from 1.3
  • Bondi seax left swing damage multiplier reduced to 1.0 from 1.2
  • Bondi seax right swing damage multiplier reduced to 1.0 from 1.2
  • Fixed unintentional Gestir javelin headshot nerf from 4.0
  • Heavy Knight two handed sword swings faster with PVKII 2.2 era values
  • New and updated gib/blood particles, as well as new underwater variants
  • Generic gibs added (heart/liver/brain/etc)
  • Can now dismember two legs at once based on random chance for specific two handed weapons
  • Auto-balance now prioritizes players that have been on that team for the least amount of time instead of by connection time
  • Increased the duration of auto-balance resistance to 10 minutes from 5
  • Added Steam rich presence

Operating System Support:
  • Windows XP/Vista no longer supported as Steam no longer supports these operating systems.
  • This is one of, if not the last version of PVKII to support MacOS due to it going 64-bit only.

Critical Fixes:
  • Fixed client being able to execute commands with MapHacks
  • Crash and crash exploit fixes
  • Changed weapon_chest physics spawn flag into a key value. This should fix maps like bt_pumpkinraid with the player being unable to touch the chest

General Fixes:
  • Really fixed Bondi t-pose bug
  • Man-at-Arms’ taunting achievement now properly accounts for all enemy classes
  • Fixed some VGUI frame transparency issues
  • Fixed some issues with trigger_jump not launching players properly
  • Fixed Bondi dismemberment clipping\floaty gib bits and textures inside the model
  • Fixed disabled team not working on listen servers
  • Fixed City Merchant achievement being given to spectators if Knights win
  • Fixed add-on manager dialog not requesting focus properly
  • Fixed incorrect scheme colors in add-on manager dialog
  • Fixed missing loading icon in add-on manager dialog
  • Fixed “Bad pstudiohdr in GetSequenceLinearMotion()!” spew
  • env_projectedtexture should now work properly
  • Next and previous weapon selection will no longer try to select longbow, flatbow, and blunderbuss when they’re out of ammo
  • Fixed whacky score count issue on booty if there are 0 chests in the map

For Level Creators/Mappers:
  • Hammer can now preview .mp3, .ogg, and various other sound formats. Useful for ambient_fmod
  • Ham health pickup has been brought back for mappers (item_food_med)
  • trigger_jump can now be made to respond to players only
  • Added “OnKeyTaken” output for item_key
  • Added “OnPlayerDeath” output to trigger_hurt
  • New trigger_chest entity that responds only to chests with unique outputs for touching while carrying or not carrying a chest
  • Two new entities info_chest_remover and info_chest_spawner that can be used to add/remove chests and update the chest count properly
  • Added OnPlayerThrow output for weapon_chest entity
  • New info_team_scoring_indicator entity that can be used to specify where a scoring indicator should be (for chest zones)
  • New info_map_cvar entity that can be used to set ConVars that will be properly reset when the map changes

Everything Else:
  • Can’t attack gibs or kick them by default, now behind option cl_gibs_attackable for performance reasons
  • Added support for Discord game invites
  • Rich presence now shows “Joining a server…” while players are connecting
  • Removed big heads server option
  • Players will now have a key icon above their head when carrying keys instead of glowing
  • Keys will now glow
  • Chests will now save their entity names when they’re picked up and will be restored when they’re dropped
  • Significant improvements to ambient_fmod performance and loading, this should fix issues that could cause an infinite lag loop
  • New startup option “-nofmod” to start the game without FMOD (used for main menu music, buttons, and other sound related things)
  • mat_fullbright will now be reset to 0 on level shutdown. So if you transition from a map with no lighting to a map with lighting it works properly.
  • PVKII-specific shaders have been updated to support flashlights (an effect that’s used by certain entities like env_projectedtexture)

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Enjoy the update!

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  • I don't understand why dev you boost always ranger class. They are already most powerfull class from the game. A good balance will be to give to shield resistance bonus against projectile and don't be able to kick with projectile weapon.
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