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    Meem [U:1:119235446]

    Suspected aimbot

    Uploaded 2 demos:
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    WOW! Why do people don't just enjoy this game. Even dying is fun. I actually asked cpt.assbeard if he was cheating and he says, " I'm really good at this game."
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    Archer should have been a pirate.
  • DobbiDobbi Beta Tester, Senior
    Not sure if this thread is dead or not, but I got nowhere else to report this guy. A user that goes by 'Alupetia' has been caught by me cheating the system of PVKII. Multiple screenshots on multiple servers prove that he binds his leave button to one of his keys on the keyboard, and every time before death, he leaves the server. I can only assume he is trying to preserve his Kill/Death ratio, and just look cool and whatnot. On the server known as GFL, I have reported this and the person has been temporarily banned, but this has been done on at least 3+ servers. Anyways, I want to suggest that his I.P. should be banned from the game permanently as not only does he ruin the fun of the game, but he makes the community more toxic.  Anyways, here is the evidence. 

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    Have a splendid day! ;)

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    EDIT: He has another steam account & is back:
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  • There are 2 active cheaters running around in spirrwell and felis' server with two or more accounts each. I will provide demo later when I can.
    watch out for them: 

    Second accounts :-

    [red army]GoldFing3r
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