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I think the assasin should use a shortsword in her left, and a reverse grip dagger in her right. The shortsword would be all of left, right and overgead attacks, dagger used for the stab. The stab does extra damage if hitting the enemy behind. She can parry light weapons, and her repost can be thrust with the dagger, which adds a very small poison effect. (We're talking 3-5 health drain, nothing major. Just there for annoyance and because assasin). Alternatively, instead of a poison her ripost could be a normal swing with the sword (fully charged) and if the ripodte hits she can do a quick second hit with the dagger (also fully charged). Another idea i had is instead of parrying, she could have feints. Any sword attack can be cancelled mid swing for a thrust with the dagger. The thrust would would always be the same direction for balance reasons (backwards attack). Crossbow pistol maybe 3 or 4 shots, around flintlock damage. Caltrops do 1 damage, but slightly slow enemies. If an enemy is moving on the caltrops they continue to take damage. (Basically 1 damage for every step on the caltop). Therefore if an enemy steps on them they can stand still until they dissapear and not take the damage (besides initial damage for stepping them). Her specail can be she goes cloaked. She still functions as normal while cloaked, however if she pulls a backwards thrust on an emey while in this state, it does massive damage. Any sort of attack breaks the cloak.

I got the dual weild and poison/feint from for honors "peacekeeper", but i think it has potential. Thoughts??


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    So basicaly while swing or holding the ttack, right click would do the stab instead of parrying? Or maybe tap right click for a time parry, hold right click for the feint stab. Having that time parry seems like a good idea also...
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    Also if the attack is fully charged, then feinting into the stab will be fully charged. These make her a high risk, high reward character. If you can time your parries, read your oppenent and land those backstabs you'll do good. But if you dont time your parry properly you're taking full damage. This feels good for an assasin class.

    Also as someone who exclusevily plays with headphones, footsteps are a thing. Not eliminate them, but maybe have her footsteps quieter while cloaked.
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    We already have an Assassin prototype that we're working from. All things are subject to change, but here's a rough outline of what we have.

    She has a stiletto dagger, a crossbow pistol, and caltrops.

    Her dagger does more damage from behind.

    Her crossbow pistol is similar to the SS flintlock but has to be manually reloaded with a movement penalty and is reloaded quickly.

    The caltrops can be thrown either forward or backwards and impede movement if stepped on or thrown at feet and do a small amount of damage.

    Her footsteps are quieter and are silent when crouched.

    She walks faster when crouched compared to the other classes.

    She doesn't leave coin trails from chests.

    She takes less fall damage.

    She's the second fastest class, so just behind Skirmisher.

    She's a lighter class with moderate health with lower armor.

    Presently her special is a powerful stab attack that does more damage from the back.


    She's not complete, and some of these ideas will likely evolve or change. But I figured it was worth pointing out that we're already working on these things.



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    Excellent, sounds really great!! Whats the current status on the dagger?? As in, what can it and can't parry?? Im assuming its a small weapon same as skirms cutlass??
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