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The reason for me to create this topic is simply because by sharing we can learn alot from eachother.
Sometimes by talking about (to us obvious) things to other people we can share usefull information and give it back. 

This discussion is not really about creating (into depth) tutorials on how to use hammer or other mapping engines. 
It's about sharing useful tips related to mapping and the engines we work with, which in this case mostly is Hammer SDK.
Ofcourse you are free to share information that's given by others than yourself!

I will make a index so it's easier to find specific stuff in the future:

* Page 1
- Manifest (having multiply vmf's in one vmm file)
- Instances (creating diagonal brushwork that can be off grid)


  • RoaldRoald PVKII Team
    So I'll start by one simple option in Hammer called 'Manifest'.

    Creating a manifest (.vmm) in hammer allows you to work on multiple maps (.vmf's) in a single project.
    - It can be usefull when you are working with a partner on a single map. A level designer can create a vmf for the blockout while the enviorment artist copy this blockout in his vmf and work on the enviorment art of the map.  
    - Or when you want to recreate old layouts of maps while keeping the scale/main paths as a main direction.
    You can work in the .vmm but do not have to. You can also work in the vmf it's self. Changes made in the vmf connected to the vmm will automaticly be added.

    Here is a short tutorial on Imgur on how to create one and use it:

  • RoaldRoald PVKII Team
    I will tell you a litle about 'Instances'.

    Hammer SDK doesn't support weird angles brushwork that's off grid.
    That means most of the time you will have to work vertically/horizontally and created blocky maps that kinda become boring.
    It's nice to have some diagonal stuff going on but it's really hard to stay on grid that way unless you go for a 45 degree angle. That is work-able, but not ideal. 

    Instances are basicly other vmf files you can import into your map and you can edit them seperatly. 
    Instances can be rotated and can be off grid and it won't cause any problems in hammer, because in the original file (where you edit the instance) everything remain on grid.

    A small tutorial on imgur:
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