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Do you remember playing Doom in deathmatch over modem or network? The corpses would pile up and it was awesome. I know that since Doom 3 we've been removing corpses, but I thought since Source is such old tech that we could possibly up the number of corpses to where we can have a bit more of a body count. What do you think?


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    There was a practical despite terrible reason for removing body counts; physics and engine.

    Nowadays all engines use physics instead of animations for body manipulation, and physics is very demanding even today.

    PVKII uses exactly that, don't think it even has non-physics-based bodies. Also, Source Engine is a very old engine whose multi-thread isn't even properly optimized and it uses the CPU way more than the GPU.

    Of course it's possible to add more bodycounts, I think you can already do it yourself with a console command, but I wouldn't recommend it if you got a crappy PC...Hell, even a powerful one, your PC can be "unlimited" if you want but the engine will always be limited, so either or both of you crash.
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  • Thanks for the reply.  Now it makes sense.
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