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PVKII Beta Update Release Notes

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our new Official PVKII Forums, and welcome to our Beta era! A major update for PVKII has been released! Server owners, please update your servers! 

Spring has arrived, but we want you to stay inside just a little while longer to play some PVKII. We'd like to go out on a limb and say this is probably one of our largest updates to date. Our changelog below is condensed, and no where near describes the amount of content and work put into this update. Blood, sweat, and tears - its finally here. We hope you enjoy! Have a bloody good time with Beta 4.0!

  • New Features and Code Updates!
  • Server Rulesets Foundation
  • Character Dismemberment and Giblets
  • Demo Manager & Support
  • Call Voting
  • New Animations
  • 26 Achievements, with art created by the community!
Join us TODAY and NEXT SUNDAY for TWO, that's right, TWO opportunities to COME OUT & PLAY w/ PVKII Devs, Testers, and Creators - among the tidal wave of players, old and new. You might just be seen on a popular Youtube Channel or Twitch Stream. April 1st and April 8th 1:30 EST / GMT -5. Check your Steam events for your local timezone. Interact with PVKII Fans and PVKII Team on our official discord at discord.gg/pvkii

Please see below for a summarized changelog that details many of the changes in this release. Head over to our Bugs/Support Forums to report any issues.

Main Features

Character Dismemberment and Giblets
Now featuring the ability to slice, dice and explode your enemies!
First version of gibs and dismemberment
Arm, Head, and legs dismemberment upon kill
Explosion gibbing for all 9 classes, additional detail gibs for Archer, Huscarl, and Skirmisher
Blood spray and explosion particles

Models and textures by Juicyfruit, Hurtcules, and contributed by Murphy, and Hawf

Added Server Rulesets
Ruleset manager for casual, competitive, and custom rulesets

Casual: This ruleset intended for more "sit back and relax" type of gameplay, pop open bottle of Hubb Jubb and have fun.

Changes include:
Auto-Block allowed
No friendly fire
Allow thirdperson

Competitive: Don't expect any hand holding here! Competitive is the ruleset where only the best may win. With the most significant changes to the gameplay, Competitive is not recommended for inexperienced players.

Changes include:
Match-based mode
Manual block only
Friendly fire
Disallow thirdperson
No all-talk
FF damage reduced by 50%
Auto-kick after 5 teamkills
AFK players are kicked from the server
No freezecam

Custom: Make your own rules! This ruleset means that the server has unique changes that won't fit in Casual or Competitive sets. Server admins can create and name their rulesets, even for each game mode.

Server admins can switch rulesets by using command "mp_ruleset" eg. "mp_ruleset Competitive". For instructions on how to create custom rulesets, view the "readme.txt" file in "rulesets" folder located in the game directory.
A detailed guide for this feature will be available soon.

Demo Manager & Support
New demo system, more details soon. Check "Demos" tab on advanced options for available features!
A detailed guide for this feature will be available soon.

Call Voting
Added call vote system, more details soon. Press "Call Vote" button on in-game menu to start a vote.

Server side Workshop support
Game servers can now download Workshop maps. See server commands prefix'd with "workshop_".
A detailed guide for this feature will be available soon.

Ranged weapon stunning
First person chest animations

Code Fixes and Updates

Character Classes & Combat Changes/ Fixes

Mapping Code Changes

Game Mode Changes

HUD/UI & Visual

General Changes and Misc Fixes

26 new achievements. Achievement art created by the community! View winners in the thread in our forums.

Textures Updates

Minor Map Updates 

Join the conversation on the official PVKII Discord! Interact with devs, testers and creators!

Follow us on Trello for the latest development buzz, and as always, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

Thanks for your continued support PVKII fans! We'll see you in game!

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  • ColonelColonel Finger Lickin' Good PVKII Team
    edited April 2018

    A minor update has been released for PVKII GORE AND MORE. Server owners, please update your servers!

    PVKII GORE AND MORE Minor Update Changelog

    Misc Changes & Fixes
    • Fix TDM spawn issues on lts_town

    • Fix TDM spawn issues on bt_townsquare

    • mp_dm_force can now be changed mid-game

    • Forced TDM now uses proper spawns even before the round starts

    • Fix\Update Feeding Fishies achievement, no longer requires holding the trinket, and can no longer be gotten on second to last kill randomly

    • Fix being unable to select team due to issue with class limits

    • Can now limit classes to 0

    • Force suicide to switch to class if it is limited

    • Fix issue with class limits not limiting properly

    • If class limits are enabled for a class, that player will now be forcefully killed to switch to that class. This fixes abusing class limits by changing the class you’re respawning as

    • mp_timelimit default is now 20

    • Blunderbuss thirdperson particle is now removed immediately when switching back to firstperson, so it doesn’t linger

    • Fix potential crash with the blunderbuss special particle

    • Camera no longer clips into solid walls at higher FOV

    • Skjalg’s Surprise Ending achievement

    • Archer head dismemberment

    • Townsquare now credits gate kills to the person who raises it

    • Language setting will be inherited from Steam again

    • Undo some changes that made MOTD text hard to read

    • Fix Mace position for Mace & Buckler

    • Fixed skybox culling issue at low FOV, such as zooming in with the SS rifle

    Model & Material Updates

    - Fixed mipmaps on Archer's gibs.
    - Gibs no longer use lightwarps (gives minor performance boost as well as a more 'deadly' look)
    - Shaders are now synchronized, back then you'd see old textures on Archer's gibs for example.

    - Redid the Archer's bone gibs (torso).
    - Updated textures (normalmap & shading) on Knight's sheaths.
    - Improved blood-gib shading on Archer, Huscarl & Skirmisher.

    - Spamalot achievement icon updated

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  • ColonelColonel Finger Lickin' Good PVKII Team
    edited May 2018

    PVKII GORE AND MORE Minor Update Changelog

    An update for PVKII has been released. Server owners, please update your servers.

    • DX8 no longer officially supported, DX8 now requires the launch -allowdx8 option and will include a warning during gameplay
    • Updated class selection menu
    • Added AFK protector ConVars to ruleset whitelist
    • Added lightmapping options to static props for mappers
    • Added "info_teamwinning" entity for mappers
    • Fart special no longer dependent on having a Halberd (fixes fart special not working with other weapons on Randomizer servers)
    • Shields now make a sound when they break
    • New input to disable and end touch for triggers for mappers
    • Add-on form can now be restored after error
    • Can now set a custom font for FPS panel (cl_fpspanel_font)
    • Big heads mode with mp_bigheads and mp_bigheads_scale
    • End round win music and scoreboard music now obey music slider
    • Can no longer get stuck in freezecam as long as you're alive
    • Mac OS X: Fixed crashes associated with the main menu models that didn't allow you join a game (already public, but not yet noted in a changelog)
    • Updated Nemesis\Domination\Revenge sound cues
    • Fixed chat not being sanitized to be used as a makeshift console
    • Fixed Early Bird achievement being obtainable after a teammate has captured under certain circumstances
    • Fixed bug that didn't allow server admins to join spectators when spectators are disabled
    • Fixed ambient_fmod bug that caused some sounds to not play
    • Fixed crash that can happen when dropping a chest on death
    • Fixed some voice line issues, Berserker & Huscarl will now say “Pirates” or “Knights stole gold when looking at a pirate or knight with the “We Lost the Gold” voice command
    • Fixed some client-side prediction errors with crouching
    • Fixed Berserker keeping fast movement speed after special when carrying trinket
    • Fixed class limit being printed to client console instead of server
    • Miscellaneous Crash Fixes Related to Particles and Ragdolls
    Discord Rich Presence:
    • Details string now shows gamemode tickets instead of round wins (now wins only apply in LTS)
    • Now showing time elapsed/remaining, gamemodes that use time limits will show round time remaining in the rich presence
    • Rich presence is now properly cleared on shutdown and when cvar is set to 0

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