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RoaldRoald PVKII Team
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Ahoy there,

This topic is to show off some of the Art you have made or you are inspired by.
I am a hobbiest myself and like to draw and paint in my free time.

I'll start off with some of my drawings.

Buccaneer concept with two lady Pirates

Some fantasy castle (can't drop images in here so u have to press the link)

Some old drawings


  • ColonelColonel Finger Lickin' Good PVKII Team
    Wow this is some really good stuff!

    Everything has its beginning, hop aboard the grogboat!  
    Colonel: Co-Lead | Level Designer

  • PopemasterPopemaster Captain of the Seven Seas PVKII Team
    I did a couple doodles the other day.

  • RoaldRoald PVKII Team
    Coool! I love your cartoonish style and how you bring so many details and shape with just lines
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