Vanilla Weapon Stats Spreadsheet

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We started a spreadsheet for all the known stats of all vanilla weapons. This was made as a comparison chart so people can better understand the changes on CCCPVK eSport servers. It is also a useful tool for vanilla players, as to my knowledge there is no complete list of all this info out there.


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    We've added most the known stats for classes and specials, however many global values for the older weapons are unavailable in the weapon configs. They are still applicable, as adding them to the weapon configs changes them, but are not displayed outright and hence can not be known for certain.

    One example of this is StartAttackSpeed / SwingSpeed / AttackSpeed.
    // These multipliers can be used to fine tune the speeds of different parts of the attack.
    // A melee attack consists of 3 parts: 1 - charge, 2 - swing, 3 - recovery.
    "StartAttackSpeed" "" // 1
    "SwingSpeed" "" // 2
    "AttackSpeed" "" // 2 and 3
    These are available in the weapon cfgs for most newer weapons, and apply to older weps when added to their cfgs, however they are not displayed in the old wep cfgs so we do not know their default value.
    These stats would help both the development of balanced derivatives, & the accurate documentation of the vanilla game.
    Any help in this area would be much loved and appreciated! :3

    Also, if you guys want anyone to aid in updating the wiki with the current patch data, Fish & Myself would be happy to help.
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