Not-so-obvious bug

BeroxardasBeroxardas Beta Tester, Senior
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This is a third person bug. Switching to third person makes the last animation you did in first person reappear. The problem would be bigger but fortunately the repeated animations are "empty", so you can do anything while they are displayed. It is not visible to other players, since they always see your thirdperson model. If you are using firstperson all the time, the problem will not be visible as well.
I provided demo below.


so it seems not to interrupt the game mechanics, but I guess it can be considered bug
I`m really sorry for my bad English. I`m not a native speaker.


  • FelisFelis Glitch Kitty PVKII Team
    edited 5:19AM
    It's a visual bug with clientside animations because in first person those won't play due to optimization. Like you said it won't affect the gameplay at all. Should revisit the code to check if this can be done better.
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