Archer "Darknut-styled" Reskin

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Ever saw those guys in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess? They're badass, some sexy-looking evil black knights, funnily named as Darknuts.

I already did one for Heavy Knight here; http://forums.pvkii....showtopic=15094
So why not for Archer?

Here are some pictures;
For those that want fancy pictures (May contain the "Darknut Heavy Knight");

And here's the download link;

How to install? Just put "Darknut Bowman" (Not the .rar, the .vpk) into your custom folder, which should be at "Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\pirates, vikings and knights ii\pvkii". If there's no "custom" folder, you make one.

This took me quite a good amount of time to do, with a lot of work on small details.
I tried to make it look as faithful as possible to the Unarmoured Darknut as seen in the top, but not identical. That'd be silly

Everything related to Archer has been retextured, including his sword, crossbow and bow.

I'd like to thank CrazyMonkey, Sephil and my dearest Borbalita for the screenshots.
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