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  • James DavisJames Davis PVKII Team
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    Hey guys, sorry, have a lot of personal errands on top of a hectic work schedule, barely found time to work on the game. Sunday and Monday I have off, will be my art days.
  • J-coJ-co Tramp Senior
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    Haven't been here for a long time and it's very nice to see this beautiful progress! Thank you James Davis for your commitment and work!
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  • James DavisJames Davis PVKII Team
    edited June 2015
    Thanks, the hardest part has always been getting everything exported out and set up for the Source engine for me :/ never been much of a coder, the creation of the model and textures is easy in comparison
  • James DavisJames Davis PVKII Team
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    Passed of to JRocket for rigging, and setting up for game. I can't install TortoiseSVN on my apple. Would like to personally thank JRocket for his assistance with this
  • Bingo BangoBingo Bango one-eyed willy PVKII Team
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    Passed of to JRocket for rigging, and setting up for game. I can't install TortoiseSVN on my apple. Would like to personally thank JRocket for his assistance with this

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  • HengishammerHengishammer PVKII Team
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    Amazing model really. Hengishammer approved:)

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  • El NegroEl Negro The Genuinely Only Sane Person Guests
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    I'm curious, why Lord's shield is very scratchy? I can understand it as maybe he was in many wars but...Kinda makes no sense. Lords tend to be the latest units in a formation, they hardly ever fight.

    I don't mind it, I can easily edit it out myself for my own uses anyway, but still...I'm just gonna guess PVKII Lord is actually a very battle-hungry kind of king.
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  • AGSMAAGSMA The Antichrist has Resurrected PVKII Team, Beta Tester
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    The shield could be seen as Lord's lucky charm, being used in all of his battles and saved his arse in most of them.


  • DisturvingDisturving Senior
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    Sphynx wrote:

    The coif looks like it hangs down from the chin, which is unlike what is shown in medieval artwork. I am not sure, but it looks like the mail of the body in the above picture is tube-shaped, whereas the actual mail armour was shaped like clothing to fit closer to the body. A better reference than this would be medieval artwork, or a good reconstruction based on medieval artwork, or actual antique armour.

    From the /jamesdavis625/armor_inspiration/ pinterest page:

    Actor I based it on has a high hairline and also with the headpiece you cant really tell anyway so I thought it could save me some polys not worrying about it. I changed the actor's beard and eyebrows, few other features so to not "rip off" the character's look lol

    Some better pictures of armour:
    The armour fits him so well. Please be wary of copying bad costumes, because a copy of a bad costume looks like a bad costume.

    Chedda Cheez said earlier in this thread, when I said that the folds in the clothing worn over this Lord's armour looked nothing like the ones I remember in in medieval artwork, something about those artists not knowing how to draw the folds in the clothing. I disagree completely. There are even fine statues with those folds in the cloth.
    I'd think having such a large stalwart shield would remove particular necessity for a breastplate. I'd personally like a mobile piece of metal I can smash into someone's face and block my body with than a fitted hunk of metal weighing me down. Then his other armor attachments help protect anything that his shield may not cover while providing more flexibility.

    You cannot mean that having a shield means one's body is completely safe from the touch of weapons, because otherwise they would wear no armour there at all if they had shields. You must mean that with a shield, no weapon can pierce the mail armour of the chest. If that was true, then actual fighting men who knew what they were doing would not have added plate armour to their mail once it became available, and they did. Before they had iron, they had boiled leather.
    An iron-plated shield would be heavy hitting, true, but so would a normal wooden shield, and please bear in mind that with the guige strap around your neck, you won't be doing any shield bashing.
    You said that if the iron was on your chest with the weight on your hips, then it would weigh you down, so you would rather hold the iron in your hand. But surely it would still weigh you down if you were holding it, and surely more so. And why would you have a shield so heavy when a lighter one would tire you less and be quicker to move, and still be strong enough to stop weapons?
    You said that a large stalwart shield would remove the need for a breastplate. What actually happened in history was plate armour made people less dependent on shields, and they could use no shield, or a small one on horseback for stopping lances.
    Do you mean to say that fighting men were wrong about the utility of plate armour, and wrong about the best way to make a shield?
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  • El NegroEl Negro The Genuinely Only Sane Person Guests
    edited September 2016
    I have asked Colonel to help improve the textures on the Lord, he was kind enough to grant me the permission.
    Sadly, the raw/source textures were not available, James Davis didn't put them out yet.

    So, some long time passes and Colonel was able to finally get the source files from James Davis and I got to work.
    This is the result;

    As you can see, I have completely changed the chainmail as the one made by James Davis did not fit PVKII, looked a lot more like one of those rough gauge-styled clothings if you ask me.
    I've also did some slight edits on other textures, such as the metal and the gold.
    The gold seen on the Amulet was so beautiful that I just had to try reproducing it in the armour as well, and that's the result. You may not really be able to see how the gold in his armour and the gold in his bracelet match near-perfectly, but you will some day when you get to play as the Lord or get to see somebody play as the Lord.

    My details on what I exactly did;
    - Completely changed the chainmail to a different, slightly-darker (and perhaps somewhat more realistic) one with its own proper unique shaders.
    - Replaced the gold in the Lord's crown and armour to be very similar to the one on his amulet. This makes it a loooot more beautiful.
    - Gave leather and clothing their own unique shaders. Clothing shouldn't have much shine to it except when directly affected by the sun, leather should be subtle but visible and look rather worn.
    - Made the metal darker and a bit more detailed, but will still look very shiny thanks to the RTNL texture.

    I had no access to the Lord's shield, so I did not make it. Hopefully I will get access to it sooner enough and get to work with it.

    I tried to make it look good both with "mat_advancedshaders" enabled and disabled, but I still highly recommend "mat_advancedshaders" enabled.

    So, as of now, I'd say the Lord is ready for a release when it comes to Textures, but we still have a lot to do with the Lord.
    By the way, see his cheek? The wound? Yeah, detailed as hell!
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