Kalastan -- Arena/Cathedral + Custom

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Hello all.
This server has already been up for about a month and a half, but I guess better late then never for the post here.

The server is 24 player max, mostly lts maps in rotation.


Say Sounds

Map chooser

Quake sounds

Super commands

Rules for server:

1. No hacking. Using map/game exploits and hiding in sudden death will result in divine intervention.

2. No being an asshole/harassment. No disconnecting to avoid deaths or admin actions.

3. No smurfing. No pretending to be someone you are not, and no using alts to avoid bans.

4. Avoid damaging or killing AFK or typing players in LTS, except when they are the last one left.

5. Sprays may not feature the macabre or gore.

6. Do not spam the voice chat with singing/masturbatory noises.


kala captain -- http://steamcommunit.../id/kalamadama/




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