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Today the berserker sword and axe combo weapon is rarely used by any of the better viking players (leaving it to become almost a 1 weapon class caracter). It's only really playable with special activated but otherwise too easy to just stop with a perfect parry! Since the PP autoblock system came the dual wield became a bit harder to use but it was still good since you still could change the attackdirection while holdning mouse 1 down!

So my suggestion: Make it able again to change the dual wield attack direction while attacking! :emot-awesome:

It feels so ridiculous that I have to abort my berserkswingning as soon as I see my enemy raise block 7-10 feet away! This making the big berserkers most chaotic blockbreaking weapon the worst of doing what I feel it's meant to do!! :( Remember there is only 1 of his attacksdirections where you actually can charge trough a block.

This change would make it harder to block the berserker but not in anyway harder than timing a good block between two other more "normal weapons".

What do you others think? Has the team done this change for a purpose I don't understand?

This is the best MOD I've ever played and I just want it to be even better by making the gameplay more versatile. More dual wields on the combat fields! image' />


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    Against players who know how to block it, I find that the sword/axe combo works best as a sort of improvised backstab weapon, used to take out unaware enemies. If I recall correctly, the sword/axe combo has a higher damage per second than the two-handed axe, at the cost of being far more easy to parry.

    I don't think I was around when the lawnmower could change direction while attacking, but personally, I think that sounds almost a little too powerful. For most beginners, it's a weapon that seems to encourage W+M1 play, until they come across a player who knows how to parry it. Making it easier to use and harder to parry would - in my opinion - only encourage more dinahs to rush into battle, mindlessly swinging their swords and axes. Personally, I think the Berserker is fine as he is now.

    (But then again, I'm not a game developer, so what do I know.)
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    So if you meet a player face to face who knows how to press mouse 2 you don't use the dual wield? It's a weapon like all others but not useful to more then backstabbing!? How is that good for a game? I would gladly nerf the damage of the "lawnmower" if they only made it possible to actually fight better players with it. Currently, it's almost a joke.

    It would still be a weapon pretty easy to beat in the open and berserkers are suppose to run into battle without thinking, they are berserkers ya now! dinahs would be easy to kill as always and good players could put up a good fight even face to face!

    This would also raise the skill level in the game by giving the berserker a choice between 2 functional weapons(!) and more so for those who wants to block it!
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    Lawnmower is hard to use, but when you know, it's just so freaking fun.

    "I can't believe a dinah berskie owned me!" -Nobody says that at all yet they want to.

    You can block with the lawnmower, you can use a back-attack that can be charged, you can change directions with it...

    As Barbarossa here said, most of these dinahoys just go around W+M1, they just hold the mouse and that's it...Or sometimes they keep pressing it.

    Seriously though, anybody can use a lawnmower, but just like every weapon, it will take a looooong time mastering it. I dare say I did master it.
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    I've never said that you can't block with the lawnmower and yes you can change you attack direction but not in not near as fast as you need to because the defender can set a new parry just as fast.

    Well I'm hardly a new player in this game (just not active in this forum). I've played since beta 2.0 and know how to use it well. But I don't understand why this weapon should be perhaps one of the weakest melee weapon face to face when it belongs to a class with only 2 melee weapons.

    I think you all know what I mean. It's not a good weapon. It's damn fun though. :) Would be even more so if it were more useful. AND I wan't to add that there will always be dinahs and I don't really care if they go W + mouse 1. Everybody should play the game as they want to but it seem strange that in order to stand somewhat a chance with lawnmower is to play really careful and tactical. Not like I picture the berserker.
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