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    So, I played it out again, and I gotta say, the new bases are too funny.

    When I went to the Knight's base, I just saw a bunch of archers kicking viking and pirates, and they were all on the broken-down wall where it's easy to fall off and kick someone. People hardly tried to play it seriously and that's sad.

    The new walls added are nice, but the pirates still got an advantage, they can just get to the nose/ram of the ship and fire. Other than that, there are finally no "sneaky archers" or so.

    The new items added are well-placed, may need a bit of more adjustment on some parts, but as it is seems to be good enough.

    I'd say, what's left is to improve the bases and try making them so there's no "invaders", maybe make it so the knights got to jump off a floating part of the base where they can't get hit? For Vikings, add a magical wall that appears when an enemy tries to get in, which pushes them back (but not excessively so, not sure about damage, either no damage or very little damage). Pirates are a broken case, I'd say just keep it as it is or make the ship an invisible wall.

    Hey, an eye-candy; Now that Combine mentioned how to improve the floating fireballs, how about you make the Pirate ship subtly float by a little? Hopefully that will cause no "collide problems" or so.

    Can you also try making another path for the Chicken Hut? Oh and a little bit more obstacles for the Tree would be nice, it feels too open, even if you can hide behind the walls themselves.
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