Anyone interested in bringing back Vampire Slayer Mod?

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Ive been playing PVK since it came out, there was another mod I used to play alongside PVK called Vampire Slayer. It's defunct for the most part now, there's only 4 servers (albiet good ones), but the servers are always empty. And I was looking forward to playing the game with people that might have played way back when and want to play a few rounds from time to time. Trying to pull together 6 people for like a 3v3. I found a working link for the mod if anyone needs it,

Send me a PM if interested.


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    They really should've brought this to Source...

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  • JoshikumakoJoshikumako Senior
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    I might see if i can get a mod team together for this after im done with brainbread 2... It REALLY needs to come to source, it deserves to come alive on source, its not that hard to do, its just finding people who are passionate.

    The gameplay isn't as advanced to make as most games, you would just need to add some new cool stuff to Vampire Slayer 2 but keep the gameplay feeling as close as you can, maybe some new hunters/vampire types with some new mechanics for both teams, update some weapons and make the cross + stake a bit cooler. (some sort of aura around you that protects team mates indicated by a aura around you that you can see) I would add more game modes too instead of just the one Vampire slayer 1 has.

    I have always wanted to see this game be made and it will happen one day, even if it kills me.

    You need:-
    A programmer (Just someone who knows the engine and how to talk to it, nothing special)
    Weapon Artist (if they can make textures even better)
    First Person/Third Person Animators (If they can rig even better)
    Map Makers (A couple of these or just one to start with)
    A server to test on and a person who has knowledge to set one up and has knowlage of server rates to tighten multiplayer smoothness.
    Character Artist (This isnt exactly needed due to you can use FUSE for alpha, but after alpha i suggest you find one)

    Optional (after alpha this is needed):-
    Music Makers (For some Music)
    Sound Designer (For good gun sounds/FX
    Particle artist (For special attack effects, gun muzzles, blood and everything sexual)
    UI Designer (In charge of making huds/menu's look sexy when working with coder)
    Map texture Artist (You could always borrow textures from free sites if you cant find one, there are thousands of those)
    Beta Testers (People who give feedback) (Important)
    Voice Actors (cause we arent in 1994 anymore)

    Make a alpha and then start with weapon/class balances (cool stuff comes later) Its easier if the coder makes scripts for the person who is doing the balancing, once the classes feel right and the weapons feel right, enter closed alpha and get a few friends to play with you and test, here you will get a feel for what needs toning down or toning up.

    Next comes the stage where you start to add the cool stuff, what will make this game the same as Vampire slayer 1 but make it even better, you MUST have a creative mind behind this and the lead balance must keep in contact with the coder every day, so hopefully they get along well, if not the mod is doomed to die.

    Once something new is added, test it and keep testing/tweaking until its all good, I would make sure each class has its own voice actor too, with multiple voice commands/taunts.

    But yes... I am VERY interested in bringing Vampire Slayer Back... Just I want Vampire Slayer 2.
  • FelisFelis Glitch Kitty PVKII Team
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    Sounds fun, I'm up for some programming if this ever kicks off.
  • JoshikumakoJoshikumako Senior
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    I will keep this in mind o: maybe i could add you on steam? or you can, i need sleep now.
  • FelisFelis Glitch Kitty PVKII Team
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    Sure, when I bother to log in. -_-

    Or alternatively just add me:
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    I could do all this "texture work" to further improve my skill/experience with textures, but no promises at all.
    I make mods.
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  • ShardShard Senior
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    Wow, I'm amazed at the response, I didn't know there were others that still thought about this mod, let alone would like to work on a sucessor. I agree that there should be a game like this on source. I'm not a programmer but would be happy to help in any way I could to get a project like this moving forward.
  • ShardShard Senior
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    anyoen want to play?
  • ShardShard Senior
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    Anyone interested in actually playing one of these days??
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