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Hey! I've only just recently picked up this game, but it's been fun, and I'd like to try my hand at doing some voice acting work.

...Only thing is, while I've wanted to get into voice acting for a while now, I haven't yet. But you guys want prior voicework, so I recorded a few lines from existing classes, as well as a few lines that I'd expect the Priest and Lord (maybe the Jarl) to say, and, well, here it is.

Hope you all like it, and I hope I get to work on this excellent game with all of you!


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    I like your voice, but it comes across as a bit monotonous in the voice sample. I'm somewhat missing the highlights. You should try to fully slip into the role you are voice acting for. Do not feel stupid for doing so and also remember that it might take some time if you only just started. If necessary, find a place where you can practise properly.
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    You make a good Knight. I'm going to echo Sphynx and say that you should try to make (or find) a good quiet place to practice, and remember that while this game might be kind of goofy and therefore technically dumb, it is definitely totally worthy.

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    Hi William,

    First off, thank you for your application. It's always great to see someone take a stab at voicework. You've got many years ahead of you to continue to work on the skills required to become a great voice actor. Continue building on the passion you have for the game and voice acting.

    On behalf of the PVKII teams, we wish you well on your journey. Feel free to message us again with more samples of work once you have a year or two under your belt. Feel free to add some of us on Steam so we can provide you with feedback. We will reopen your application, or you may create a new, when you have your portfolio established.


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