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You probably all know new players who never really do what they should do or know what is going on, even though it flashes in white text in their upper screen aswell as a blinking score enemy score.
However, it is easy for a new player to miss these hints, especially when he/she/it is in the middle of combat, making me think that an actual person telling him what is going on and what to do would be more effective (well, at least a little bit more).
Also, because I was bored again/have no social life whatsoever I decided to record a couple of of Voice Clips as examples.

Pirate Announcer

Grog Carrier Died

Vikings are Winning (te/bt)

Pirate are Winning (te/bt)

Lost Round

Viking Announcer

Horn Carrier Died

Knights are Winning (te/bt)

Last Man Standing (lts)

Lost Round

Knights Announcer

Grail Carrier Died

Pirates are Winning (te/bt)

Lost Lead (tw)


Tell me what you think!


  • ThatOneBoxThatOneBox Senior
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    i havn't listened to the clips, but the idea is very good. Although, it might be easier to have 1 announcer that jsut covers everything. "vikings grog carrier under attack."
    "pirate grog has been dropped!"

    just having 1 announcer that covers everything seems reasonable. I know when i play smite, i can't always pay attention to the mini map so the announcer works out really well.
  • AsmundrAsmundr Senior
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    I agree, especially in booty the time delay is noticeable after which most of players attack the "right" team. It's like most look one minute per minute or so on top-score and act after what they have seen, no matter bootys changed places to new winning team. So can be valuable way to lead the attention of mr. nabbo to objective. On the other hand it can be bit distracting and annoying over time, especially in a good balanced game where the conditions change from one sec to another.
    Way around this would be an option to turn on/off. But again, I kind of like the idea for beginners.

    PS: And good voice-acting, especially for manly knights hehe
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  • CrazytalkCrazytalk Terminator PVKII Team
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    We currently have announcers planned and underway. We expect them to go live with the next release :)


  • SpirrwellSpirrwell That Guy That Knows Things About a Lot of Things Members
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    Indeed, those Knight voices were quite grand. All you need is a sound proof room and a mic with a filter and you would be a golden voice actor. I like the idea. Many games have some sort announcements like these.

    Bah, Crazytalk beat me to the post.



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  • MrMohoMrMoho Senior
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    Crazytalk wrote:

    We currently have announcers planned and underway. We expect them to go live with the next release :)

    Oh dear, the next patch, already? Well, I will happily await with whatever Announcer you came up with.
  • Black BellamyBlack Bellamy Senior
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    I dont hear nothing
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  • Ukyo KuonjiUkyo Kuonji Captain Main Senior
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    There's no need to revive this thread, announcers confirmed

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