Pointless freebooter/assassin idea

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As a special for the classes, I see that they can go invisiable or camoflauge, I think that this may be a bit too much.

I propse that instead of this, they should be able to throw down a smoke grenade or something like that.

I pray that at least the assassin gets added, as that is class I would love to see. but I don't recon it will happen.

Any way what do u think?


  • lillemakkenlillemakken Senior, senior
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    The purpose of the turning invisible ability is to remain unseen while the Assassin can observe enemy players. If the Assassin where to get smoke bombs instead of the invisibility ability, he should at least be able to see, unique to him - the contour of enemy players as long as they remain inside the smoke. Green contour for Viking players and red contour for Pirate players.
    This way the general purpose of this sort of thing is preserved, with the difference that he is still visible and can be found.

    Otherwise it would be another "4 Sharpshooters in Arena, firing rifles, nobody sees shirley". The Assassin and everyone else in the smoke would be running around, bumping into walls and each other after a smoke bomb is thrown. Because how can the Assassin find an escape route when nobody is able to see anything at all?

    Think about what kind of tactical depth such a smoke-vision could have. Island - Vikings enter the tunnel behind the waterfall and sees smoke in the cave. Is there an Assassin there watching and waiting for them? Or is it merely a trick? Mind games.
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    Also, there were couple of ideas for countering assasin's invisibility, such as lamp for Bondi, making assasin visible.
    If there would be an invisibility applied for any of the classes, there should be some counters / limitations to it, or just some "distortion" of the air, or the smoke, as mentioned before.
    I remember becoming invisible as assasin in Dark Messiah. It was great handicap to be invisible, and good assasin making good use of bombs/ assasination / invisibility was almost godlike. Personally i'd like to see Bondi or Bucaneer more than some creepy assasin :)
  • simumsimum Senior
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    This can be activated any time by pressing an assigned key. The Freebooter/Assassin fades from view a certain percentage. Once the Freebooter/Assassin moves, the disguise is gone and he can be seen as normal. Camouflage works better in shadows and dark places.

    Doesn't seem OP to me, but the idea of flashbangs/smoke grenades does seem pretty cool. However, those two classes already have 3 perfectly fine weapons planned for them, so I don't see it happening anytime soon. Also, stealth helps seperate them from the other classes, which might or might not become a problem when more classes get implemented. The Sharpshooter already has plenty of smoke though.

    The real issue here is that the vikings don't have a stealth class as well, but real men don't hide I suppose.
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