Where are default maps stored in PVKII?

SanChaeZSanChaeZ Senior
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I found some custom maps but no default. How do I find it?


  • SharpiemanSharpieman Senior
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    all bsp's and game assets are located in the GCF

    steam > steamapps

    look for pvkii content.gcf, you need the gcf viewer to look through it

  • SanChaeZSanChaeZ Senior
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    TY much! Im trying to get PVK stuff running in Source Filmmaker :icon_viking2:
  • SharpiemanSharpieman Senior
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    np glad i could help, all the voice files are in the gcf as well :D
  • CrazytalkCrazytalk Terminator PVKII Team
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    Be sure to post your sfm videos. We love seeing that stuff!


  • SharpiemanSharpieman Senior
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    what he said ^^^^
  • Dr.ClericDr.Cleric Senior
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    Oh! I have a theory, would you be able to take the textures in my skinpack and use them in sfm? (Links in my signature)

    I have no sfm experience and it would be great to know if it works or not. Could you please check it out for me? ^_^

    Good luck using sfm, Hope to see some stuff soon!

    p.s. dafuq new emote? :ss: XD
    “I don't have moments of weakness. I'm Rik Mayall.” -Rik Mayall
  • SharpiemanSharpieman Senior
    edited June 2013
    Great idea about your custom textures! Would be neat, that's if he figures out how to use the SFM for PVK situation. As for that emote... IT WAS DEF NEEDED!
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