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Okay, my friend who does not play (do to current internet status) had a interesting idea he wanted me to pitch to you guys. This game mode would be like hot potato pvk stye. He wanted to call it "Hot Potatoe, Hot potatoe, Hot KABANG!" This is his sum up of his game idea. All three factions are used. A keg (or 2 kegs) is spawned somewhere on the map, this keg(s) has a random timer that is set upon spawning. Each Faction has its own set base somewhere on the map with a destructible objective. The primary goal of the game is for one of the factions to get the keg(s) into one of the other factions base in time to blow up the objective. If the keg(s) go off when they are not in any of the bases it results in a draw. If the keg(s) is shot/hit whilst holding it/them, the/they will blow up. Friendly fire would be off obviously for this game mode. Some visual cues could be used to indicate the keg(s) imminent explosion. Like a banner pop up for 30% time left for the keg(s) till explosion.

The only thing he asks is that he have a contribution credit if it does get used. Let me know what you guys think and if you have any idea's for any idea changes.


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    I reckon it's better not to be able to destroy the kegs in somebodies hand. Not only could it stall things, a hitbox was needed to be implemented and I predict that you could hit it through the person carrying it. On the other hand heavy classes might be in advantage. It doesn't make a balanced impression to me but I don't know, it's a reasonable idea. You could pass the keg on by throwing it, could make it kinda easy though but more fun. A similar thing could be done with trinkets instead which need to arrive to certain places in the map and could be passed on. They don't travel as far thrown but you can fight carrying them.
    I don't know if this would create a flowing game mod
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    Wasn't the Relic Gamemode something similiar to this? I reckon this could perhaps be a funnier alternative to that gamemode.

    I like the idea, question is as simius said, how balanced it will be, but I suppose that is to find out if someone either makes a custom map or if it's experimented upon in the beta.
    That the keg can be shot doesn't sound like a good thing though, it would make it too easy to defend the base if you could do that.
    Otherwise, I can see the idea having potential, just need's some fleshing out and brainstorming.
    "Finally I can shoot with this weapon and not just kill!"

  • SharpiemanSharpieman Senior
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    okay so the census is that:

    1.) shooting the keg - bad

    2.) could be a more exciting version of relic
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