healers are boring

carokanncarokann Senior
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plain up healing is boring, I think. Here are some ideas I think are interesting. Hopefully this sort of thing doesn't annoy developers but anywho:
1. Pirates take less damage temporarily when on grog and have more potent attacks. When the effect wears off, all the damage they didn't feel during the grog comes back though... buys time to run.
2. Vikings get buffed regeneration. Kinda like berserkers in AoE. It makes sense guys!!!!
3. Knights get temporary invincibility. Either very brief invincibility or the power has to be quite costly, or maybe the priest has to concentrate on one guy at a time. Not sure how that would work honestly...

A little bit of differentiation between the sides!

Also developers, do you like suggestions or do you just think "Make your own game dinah!!!"


  • simumsimum Senior
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    I don't see why we would ditch healing(aside from maybe in lts), some people like that sort of gameplay.
  • Trojan•CliniqueTrojan•Clinique Be precise. A lack of precision is dangerous. Senior
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    carokann wrote:

    do you like suggestions or do you just think "Make your own game dinah!!!"

    They like suggestions.... IN THE SUGGESTIONS FORUM!
  • BluehardtBluehardt Senior
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    There are people who feel better as a supporting character, than first line ones. I like your suggestions, but maybe these could be modified a little to work well as a special? Healer class has potential to have non-damage special attack, maybe even area of effect one?

    Healing do not have to be boring if its done in an interesting way.
  • carokanncarokann Senior
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    I agree, healing specials could be interesting.

    Mostly I dislike (from an aesthetic point of view) having the same healing mechanism for each faction, and, what is more, the notion that supporting classes might be very ineffective on their own.

    Healers should behave a lot like the captain, who I think is technically a support class like other lords; you'll notice that he can take care of himself in a scrape.
  • BluehardtBluehardt Senior
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    I wouldn't call captain a support class. He's a pretty powerful character, who do not need much help from others. As you said - he can take care of himself. In my opinion support classes should be focused on, well, supporting other players, not (that much) fighting on their own. Team members are the ones to defend them most of the time, while taking advantage from their aid. Kind of how symbiosis works. At least it sounds well in theory.

    As for the way of healing - basis should be similar between classes to avoid many balance issues. My random thought: it wouldn't be a bad idea to make healing mechanic based on a fighing one, including charging your healing spell/weapon/item and then releasing it with different outcomes. For example: one class could instantly heal their ally, but it would took a while to do such thing again, while other would heal someone gradually. Again, it's all about balancing. With more variety (usually) comes more issues of that kind.
  • CrackaPollyCrackaPolly PVKII Team, Authorized Creator
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    The healing mechanic is not likely to be as described in the concepts. And the healers would have specials that are used in a support fashion, so the ideas you describe would more likely fit into the role of their special. They would gain special through healing as well.
  • OcelotOcelot Senior
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    as i thought the way healeras are described in the descriptions arent effective via game play unless their heal was a active heal rather than a dropeed heal
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  • Noah es FrioNoah es Frio Senior
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    So basically it will be similar to the Medic from TF2 and the different specials will be like different medic ubercharges.
  • carokanncarokann Senior
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    Cool, I prefer that idea to what I saw in the wiki concepts.

    In particular I'd like healers to be threatening by themselves. Clearly they must be inferior to a dedicated combat class, but giving them some reasonable chance in combat would be better imo.
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