What PVKII should've been like

Luke3212Luke3212 Senior
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image best game evr pls make it like this


  • Cap1Cap1 Land Lubber! Banned
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    Nicely done !
  • OcelotOcelot Senior
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    so people are just sitting around letting you do this... because killing people as a sharp like that isnt so easy ...
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  • CrackpunchCrackpunch Senior
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    I want to see a sequel; preferably 3. But don't change a thing in any of the games.

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  • Noah es FrioNoah es Frio Senior
    edited November 2012
    Reminds me of this:


    EDIT: I just realized you made both of them.
  • Ninja-ORCNinja-ORC Senior
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    This is cool
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