PVK chat?

mamamamamama Senior
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Is there a irc channel for PVK or smth? Maybe add a chat on site?


  • PeepeewilsonPeepeewilson PVKII Team
    edited 3:01AM
    We have an IRC channel on on quakenet #pvkii but it's rarely used.
  • DMXDMX Senior
    edited 3:01AM
    also don't forget the official steamgroup chat.
  • lillemakkenlillemakken Senior, senior
    edited 3:01AM
    And other custom PVKII related steamgroup chats ^^
    According to pvkii.com/forums,
    - Reaching enemies beyond your weapon model isn't a problem(you're just bad at dodging!)
    - Archer isn't overpowered
    - Higher post count is equivalent to higher skill, experience and knowledge in-game
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