No Servers found with the in game browser - Fix

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If you are not able to see servers with the in game server browser please try the following:

Press the Stop Refresh button, then uncheck show map list. Be sure you are on the Internet tab of the browser and hit refresh now.
If this doesn't work, try the steam server browser out of the game as detailed below.

Exit out of the game, right click on your steam icon in the system tray, choose servers, change filters to "Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II" and click refresh all.

You should now be able to see servers, join one. Then see if you can see servers in the ingame server browser.

Unchecking "Show map list" in the in game server browser will give a text only list of servers which some find easier for looking through a large number of servers.



  • Forge!Forge! Senior
    edited 4:00AM
    I have this problem but I'm not sure what you mean by ''Be sure you are on the Internet tab of the browser''? Could you explain where i have to be when this problem occurs.. does the game have to be minimised ?
  • CrackaPollyCrackaPolly PVKII Team, Authorized Creator
    edited 4:00AM
    Internet Tab means in the game browser to click the internet tab. There are a bunch like Internet, History, Favorites Lan, etc.
  • AsmodeiAsmodei Senior
    edited 4:00AM
    i have this problem. difference is that i can see abut 3 servers with a ridiculously high ping. but i can join a friend's game which has lower ping but doesn't appear on the internet list. i can also join past servers in the history tab but they dont appear on the internet tab either.
  • BulzeebBulzeeb Senior
    edited 4:00AM
    I don't pretend to understand it completely, but your router's settings can affect the number of servers that appear for you. This can be fixed by port forwarding, which is also supposed to improve your connection in general.

    Here's a link to a site that helps people port forward:
  • makakaimakakai Senior
    edited 4:00AM
    This didn't work for me but what did was adding all servers I could to the favourites tab as I could find the servers in there...

    A wierd workaround but it worked XD, either that or I just join via friends on steam tongue.gif
  • ProsephProseph Senior
    edited 4:00AM
    I got another error telling me something about having to be running steam beta to join the game. This is after using the servers method by right clicking on steam running in the tray. sorry if broken english.
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