SourceSDK/Hammer problem

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I've been trying to get this working, but when i start it up and create a new project it only shows up blank (black) screens

As seen here:

Here are my settings:


How do i fix this? Are any of my settings wrong?

Help would be much appreciated!
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    Welcome to the forums!

    You have set up PVKII in the wrong SDK version, you set it up in EP1 instead of the 2007 version.
    Follow this thread to correctly set it up:
  • DMXDMX Senior
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    don't waste your time on that, there are easier ways.

    Launch up source SDK

    create a mod from template, if you don't have 2007 available. Let it all load, finish it, restart SourceSDK.
    You should be able to select 2007,

    - Edit Game configuration
    - add game - PVKII
    Then put the pirate,vikings and knights/pvkii folder as directory

    then restart sourceSDK

    All you need to do is add the pvkii.fgd at the game data files section and remove the current one and then it should all be set up.
    I think there are 2 fgd's of pvk aswell, might want to check which one actually shows the content properly.
  • DinahDinah Skirmisher's wench PVKII Team
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    Ok, i will try that. Thanks for the help
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