I Can Haz Download?

TheMarkedOneTheMarkedOne Senior
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Hello. I've been wanting to play this mod a long time,so I just got the CSS+GMOD bundle.
But,you can't download the mods from steam anymore so where can I download the latest version?


  • PeepeewilsonPeepeewilson PVKII Team
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    Try this:
    Drag wrote:

    I've searched through the forum a little more and found a solution (I should have found it before creating this thread, sorry :( ).

    For future reference, this did it for me:

    I clicked on View/Servers and searched for PVK II servers. Then I've tried to join one and finally could download the game.

    A lot of people have been having this issue lately. PVK is still available on Steam, there's just some issue with the content servers not recognizing Source SDK ownership. Let me know if the quoted solution works for you.
  • TheMarkedOneTheMarkedOne Senior
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    Awesome,it worked! Thanks! :emot-awesome:
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