To Pay for a free game? or to give up on it!

GatekeeperGatekeeper Senior
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Alright, is there a way for me to play PVKII without having to buy HL2?

Ive owned it many times just no longer have the disk. I had an account with it registered multiple times, however the latest account was stolen by someone with the password.

I DO NOT want to buy Orange box, & i cant find plain HL2 anywhere not that i want to go buying it yet again anyway. Isnt there any way i can get source sdk and source engine without buying another HL2 product?

Id pay for a PVKII disk itself but i am really sick of buying HL2 so i can never play it & play a free mod.


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    you can download team fortress 2, that's free now. With that you'll be able to play PVKII.
  • HeiHei and truly did she know the name of the Kong Senior
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    You know, if your account is stolen there are things you can do about that...
  • TschoppoTschoppo the choppin´ Senior
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    i thought you could download Source SDK base in the Tools section without having any source game now that Valve made it free.

    if not, just go download tf2 and you should be able to get SDK base


  • GatekeeperGatekeeper Senior
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    Awesome thanks! Did not know tf2 was free now, that's interesting.

    If click Source SDK in tools to download, is that all i need?
    Can i then just download PVKII & play? I thought you needed source sdk & another file from HL2/TF2 to play. Thanks for the help.
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    You won't be able to play with only source sdk.

    Download the full TF2 game and then just download PVKII.
  • NoZTriXNoZTriX Lord of the Puppets PVKII Team, Applicant
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    I believe you'll have to install the source sdk base 2007 as well after you've installed tf2.
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