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(I am using TF2 as an example here as it is the first game that come to mind) In TF2 everyone hears the same voice commands, but in PVKII the voice commands are client side (meaning that you could be shouting "Avast thar!" as the captain, but your friend would hear "Yarr!" instead).

Is there any way for you guys to fix this? I love the new voice commands and they add a great feel to the game (especially the taunts when you kill someone) and I almost ALWAYS play with friends and I'm sure many of you guys do too. We love hearing the taunts the classes make when killing other people but because they aren't the same taunts for everyone then we don't really get the same 'feeling' of humor because we both hear different taunts.

I'm sure you guys will go on to say that this isn't really a problem but it's something to consider fixing, the new voices are really great (I love the captain voice!) and it's a shame that everyone can't hear the same lines but instead hear different ones.


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    I'm not completely sure, but I think he might also be referring to the automatic sounds i.e "You smell no better dead" when a Gestir kills one of the pirates. I don't think those are server side, but I could be wrong. If they are client side, I agree that we should change that.
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    It's with all voice commands that have more than one sound (e.g the example I used of the captains 'Go Go Go')
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