Attack bug

Damn ShitDamn Shit Senior
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Hi guys.

Got a litte problem. I installed the game yesterday new on my new pc. But yesterday and today i got a problem. When i´m playing suddenly after a time of 15 minutes there is a kind of litte lagg and afterwards i can´t attack. I unbinded the attack-key and rebinded it but no chance.. This happend now 3 times. The only way to do attacks again is to restart the hole game.

Can somebody help me? smile.gif


  • HeiHei and truly did she know the name of the Kong Senior
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    That happened to a friend while we were playing arena a couple days ago, they alt-tabbed and it worked again.
  • Damn ShitDamn Shit Senior
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    It works smile.gif But I hope that I haven´t to do this every 30 minutes..

    Thanks for the fast help! smile.gif
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