Booty capture points visual bug

LoneSoldierLoneSoldier Senior
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I was playing a session of pvk and than left to spectator (game minimized) for I'd say about an hours time, maybe a bit less.
when I came back the map was on Island and heres what I saw
+1 and -1 were stuck as shown.

here's another one

On a side note, it may just be caused by the game being minimized
but it couldn't hurt to submit this to the team,

Thanks - Lone
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  • KOKORONOKAWARIKOKORONOKAWARI Funny Little Japanese Drawing Person Senior
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    Alt-tabbing does these things like coins coming out of characters, missing textures, or even that. Just need to close the game and reopen it usually to fix everything.

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  • SquirrelSquirrel Senior
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    It can also be a problem serverside. I've seen this happen before in TW when the tickets get stuck, and changed by 5 at a time, which is Booty.

    I'm not sure though, just a hunch.
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