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KostasKostas Senior
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Hello, i had some times where my enemies were Invisible and i couldnt see them at all.

For example, someone was hitting me, i turned around and nothing, and while i was going to go my cursor spotted an enemy, his name was visible but he wasnt visible.

Do they use some kind of hacks or is it a bug?


  • TerrapassTerrapass Senior
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    That happened to me too.
  • .sverek.sverek PVKII Team, Authorized Creator
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    invisible models could be lack of RAM memory, especially when you alt-tab from running game. If you have more than 2Gb ram, it shouldn't be the problem.

    I think I also saw some invisible skirmisher on island map though... Might be server overload, check net_graph 1 next time you see invisible player model. If you have choke going over 70 or freezing for a moment, (which is usual on 24/7 island convict gaming server crowded places) that might cause it.

    There very little chance of hack, imo. Usually wallhack, speedhack or aimbot, didn't see other stuff yet on pvkii.
  • KostasKostas Senior
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    I have 4 GB Ram so ram shouldnt be a problem.

    Yeah i was on a 24-player server at that time, maybe that was the problem.
  • NerieruNerieru Senior
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    I can also confirm this, it was also on 24/7 island. And it happens every now and then, but the players that were invisible always dropped coins (like you're carrying a chest).

    Did you see that too?


    My specs:
    ati 4870
    4gb ram
    QUOTE (J-co @ Jun 23 2010, 10:33 PM) »
    I also had periods

    QUOTE (Samstaforce @ Jun 29 2010, 11:21 PM) »
    this isnt a problem since I havent even noticed this.

  • KostasKostas Senior
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    No, it only showed their name when they were in front of me, nothing else.
  • skenvoskenvo senior
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    Yah every once in a while in a source game this will happen to me. I usually just reconnect an then it always works
    useful things for me to copy-paste at my leisure OR ELSE:
    It's Its so he's is IS Is
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  • SoJaSoJa Senior
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    Just type record 1 and then stop in console, it works.
    aww sorry
  • SamstaforceSamstaforce Senior
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    That happened to me also, and couple of my friends too, its not really that rare bug but hell its annoying.
  • HeiHei and truly did she know the name of the Kong Senior
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    last 5 times I've been on Convict Gaming 24/7 Island I've heard people complaining about it, but I haven't had that problem since 2.1 and even then only once
  • .sverek.sverek PVKII Team, Authorized Creator
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    If you can provide more info how to track this bug, or can provide more information regarding it, would be much appreciated smile.gif

    My opinion is stays, that it's somehow server side issue. Probably RAM, or somehow messed up connection, lost packets etc...
  • LordTrilobiteLordTrilobite Baron Grunwald disapproves. Senior
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    There used to be a bug where the Archer was sometimes invisible. Could be the same bug or something similar.
  • WoodyWoody Senior
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    I can confirm that the bug is still in the game, today I was on some server playing Arena, and this heavy knight was invisible. I thought he was a cheater at first, but I noticed that other players could see him (apparently), as they were hitting and fighting with him.
    If it's of any help, you could still see the effect from when he charged up his weapon (the glow) and the name "marker" when my crosshair went over him.
  • ZinuXZinuX Mutated Walrus Hamster Members, Beta Tester
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    That problem is also there in other games (like TF2), I think it can be fixed by alt tabbing from you game and back.
  • SaunaChumSaunaChum PVKII Team
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    Could you tell me if you had happened to alt+tab your game just before they turned invisible?
    Or used the steam in-game layout?
    Production Manager
  • WoodyWoody Senior
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    I had alt-tabbed. I know for sure I alt-tabbed, while loading the server (and alt-tabbed back into the game, when I was in the server). Maybe I alt-tabbed between rounds, I tend to do that sometimes, but I can't really recall if I did it in that server.
    I had not used the in-game steam layout.

    I did not alt-tab after having experienced this phenonenom, and his player model didn't change to visible again. He did not change class, so I don't know if it was just the HK that was bugging me. He eventually quit.

    I have a laptop very capable of playing PVKII, and I can run Crysis on high/very high, dualcore i5 I think.
    Is there anymore you wish to know, happy to help icon_pirate2.gif
  • Lord ViptoRLord ViptoR Senior
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    I have experienced this problem too, in 2.3 as in 2.4. And yes, I have also alt+tabbed before I saw someone invisible, but after a time (or after this invisible guy changed their class) he was visible again.
    It seems to be RAM related or a simple engine error. I have played on other Source Multiplayer Games where there are up to 30 guys on the server, and there was never a guy invisible after I alt+tabbed.
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    I also seen it a few times.
    This is how it looks like in Firstperson:


    Just check how low to the ground he actually is

    I had this 2 times after switching from manual to automatic, vice versa. Because it ussualy gives me this major lagspike for 3 sec.
    I also alt tabbed so that might cause it aswell
  • WoodyWoody Senior
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    I saw this today on a skirmisher, funny thing was, the keg and his holstered sword/pistol was visible.
  • CrackaPollyCrackaPolly PVKII Team, Authorized Creator
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    Caused by alt+tab, happens in tf2. recording a demo and then stopping it will fix it. When I played comp we had a bind to do that every round start.
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