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How many posts required?
How many posts are required to make a suggestion?


  • CrackaPollyCrackaPolly PVKII Team, Authorized Creator
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    Should be able to post now.
  • SmackSmack Damn this compooter Senior
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    I look forward to hearing your suggestions.
    Wise Chinese proverb say "He who pays for porn has failed at life."

  • Gez the HealerGez the Healer Amuwau! Senior
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    It was to stop people coming on and going,

    "HURR this is my first post but i just wanna say <insert frequently suggested suggestion> kthxbai"

  • ZinuXZinuX Mutated Walrus Hamster Members, Beta Tester
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    I didnt even know there was something like that done, haha
  • Teh_SuxTeh_Sux Senior
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    I have learned my lesson at last and may have a real forum signature thanks to the kind mercy of Bingo Bango
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