Island and Frostbite



  • HarliefHarlief Baby get Shakey after school Senior
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    With the new desert ruin, can we call it "desertruin2"? because I love the current desertruin, and I don't want to lose it from the servers.
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    How do i update my PVKII?
    Is 2.2 the latest version if not, send me the link to download the latest version.

    + It would be nice if you could tell me about the latest update through my email and how to update it through there.

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  • TerrapassTerrapass Senior
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    2.2 IS the latest version, and you can download it here.
    2.3 is still in development/beta-testing stage. You can find information about it on the main page or here.
  • unnamed2unnamed2 Senior
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    Island is balanced now and it will be very awsome.Great work guys biggrin.gif .I hope 2.3 will be relesed in 2009 happy.gif.
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