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    Nice, but a question:
    Is it right that you can complete the 3 chest method with just 1 chest?
    You can just pick the chest up and place it on the next one, and after that the last one.
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    Hello, did you even read what I wrote above your post?

    Testing will be done in 2 stages.

    Stage 1: One chest method.

    Stage 2: Three chest method.

    yes you can do that.

    its a test map. The point right now is to get a full server and test if its more balanced with the 1 chest trick or with 3.

    In other words simulate as if you couldn't move the 1 chest around.
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    O you mean it like that, i thought that you would have a version with just one chest zone (like previous versions),
    or this one with three. But you meant one chest to complete it all.

    I understand it now
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    Ofter extensive play testing on the objective. I think we narrowed it down to some thing playable.

    So the ending of the map is being reworked. The double door water fall is now gone. In fact that whole area is now gone.

    What has taken its place is a objective setting that makes more scents. Then just trowing chest in a pit.

    In the new area. The pirates and vikings have there own areas apart from each other. You now take your chest to your teams ship and fill up the cargo crates with chest. After 3 separate chest are counted on your ship. To can then take the helm of your ship and win. The two teams ships are parked out side in a shipping port. Yes you can swim, This water is deep. This was done to give the knights a place to throw the respawn able chest. Once you place your chest in your cargo crate it cant be taken out until respawn. And again there will be icons and messages to guide you threw the map.

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    Delta released

    changes the way you end the game.

    known bugs: skybox is black?
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    Delta 2 ready for testing!

    Fixed skybox bug
    Fixed a chest bug where chest some times registered as 2 hits.
    Expanded the 3dskybox water
    Removed giant skeleton in water and replaced with junk ships.
    Lighting Tweaked a bit
    Removed invisible walls in knights spawn.

    (Download in the First Post.)

    Play test @ kow75's PlayTest Playground
    Report all bugs here.

    Known bugs:
    Walking on water in vikings spawn and ship yard.
    Unnatural blend in water attached to the 3dskybox.
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    Computation ready


    Details in first post As always get the download from there!



    Added new Loading Screen

    Fixed a bug where a chest could be thrown next to the crates and it would count them.

    Added new archway

    Fixed knights defensive pits. (gives knights a place to throw chest retrieved)
    Note: Bars are removed from pits once pirates or vikings have 2 chest.

    Map remade to fit the objectives better.
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