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NoobCannonNoobCannon Senior
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Personally I like WC3-like plugins for CS and some don't like them so don't post "RP plugins suck" and such cause thats your opinion.
So if anyone could port the WC3 plugin for PVKII would be very nice. I would have done it if I knew how the heck I do it tongue.gif
plx gief internets, i r collecting 2 fite canser



  • AmerikaAmerika Honkey Senior
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    QUOTE (NoobCannon @ Oct 30 2008, 01:04 PM) »
    "RP plugins suck"
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    They're all transsexuals... but you wouldn't know that, YOU FAILED THE TEST

  • Son of ManSon of Man Senior
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    If anyone is out there who knows how to program/port upgrade/rp mods to PVKII plese for the love of god don't do it
  • HarliefHarlief Baby get Shakey after school Senior
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    What the heck is an RP plugin? Can you get RP strap ons?
  • JeffJeff Senior
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    mmm I had been trying to port a few things over to this, but unfortinitly my D&D Mod kinda died...

    How ever the latest WCSPython should port decently right out of the box (so to speak) for PVKII - http://addons.eventscripts.com/addons/view/wcs

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