Indie Rumble! Pirates, Vikings and.. Warlords?

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What happens when a bunch of Warlords get lost and find themselves surrounded by a group of Pirates, Vikings and Knights? Utter Mayhem. Don't take our word for it, tune in this Sunday at 3:30pm Eastern (UTC -0400) to the live broadcast of the first ever Indie Rumble!

The team behind MidEast Crisis and Iron Grip will be battling us during the trial run of ModDB's brand new league. As an extra treat, they'll be airing two fresh out of the oven interviews (one taken with our very own Crazytalk) as well as exclusive in-game footage and a few other surprises.

Don't miss it! Watch the group to be notified as soon as the broadcast goes live.

If you're itching to play some Team Fortress 2, don't forget to drop by one of Indie Rumble!'s two public servers, you might bump into one of the teams practicing for the big game! [ North American Server ] [ European Server ]

We hope to see you all on Sunday! Bring popcorn.

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