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GazGaz SirPVKII Team
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Me again! Hi!

As beta 2.1 is now so close we can smell it, its time to make those little important tweaks and changes before release.

Unfortunatly, due to visiting my folks this weekend, I didn't manage to make this sundays beta test, however, I've been quite busy with pinegrove. On saturday I found myself researching and creating Sea effects for the coastal area of the level. I had been using HL2s water scaled up to look like waves. The only problem was it really didn't look like sea, more so a giant puddle.

So off I went, and created an animating normal map, one with 32 frames in. This was a little boring, saving out 32 textures, but it moved too fast, so I ended up with 64!

However, it paid off, and looks great in dx8, and even better in Dx9 biggrin.gif
Expect pics next month smile.gif

On top of that, I've been looking at FPS increases in island, and have since tweaked the waterfall particles, giving an extra 10fps in that area. I'm next going to tweak the 3d sky palmtrees, as well as the volcano smoke, lets hope theres some more fps gain there also!

Thats all for now, sorry its not too interesting, more soon!


  • Banjo BoyBanjo Boy Pickin' to Beat the Devil PVKII Team, Authorized Creator
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    Awesome! Can't wait to see those pics of pinegrove, and I'm Glad your still tweaking island smile.gif

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for the update.
  • CreedCreed Senior
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    Ah awesome smile.gif

    Hope you had a nice time at your folks, can't wait to see those pics of pinegrove. Very happy your still tampering with Island as its essentially the only map I play on smile.gif
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  • AmerikaAmerika Honkey Senior
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    hooray, the mod isn't dead!
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  • jRocketjRocket Pixel Punisher PVKII Team
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    Uh... 64 frames? That seems like it would kill the video memory. How big are they? Is compression enabled? (off by default for normal maps).
  • -Valemarr--Valemarr- The Smiting Smiter Senior
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    w00t update ftw. Well he said Island is going to give you more FPS not worse ><
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  • GazGaz Sir PVKII Team
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    QUOTE (jRocket @ Jun 24 2008, 12:55 AM) »
    Uh... 64 frames? That seems like it would kill the video memory. How big are they? Is compression enabled? (off by default for normal maps).

    512x512 images, compressed. I'll do some tests on a dx8 card and see how well it holds. Dx9 doesn't use the 64 frames, but even so when I make Dx9 use the frames, Its still very quick. icon_yarrpirate.gif
  • JervanJervan Senior
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    Really appreciate the news - I was beginning to think my visits to this section were in vain ph34r.gif

    Totally worth the wait though tongue.gif

    Thank you for news of progress biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif!
  • Mr.VMr.V Senior
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    Sounds awesome, Gaz. I really like the performance-updates. Even though my pc isn't more than half a year old and runs most things great, an fps boost is never out of the line in FPS (or should is say FPM?) games.
  • [BD]ScurvySam[BD]ScurvySam Senior
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    2 points for Gaz. Keeping us updated about the specifics
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